From a Semester of Hell, Onto Another One
Show me one person who’s had a good semester. I’ll wait. Fall 2020 was always going to be difficult — we all were well aware of that when we jumped into it. But many of us didn’t have much of a choice. We could take the semester off, sure, but would it help? Spring 2021 will be much of the same, learning in a COVID-19 environment. Should students take a full year off from school? Is there any guarantee that the pandemic will significantly subside by fall 2021?
Eden Ever Eastward
If my past is your ideal of me, I want nothing to do with that paradise.
A Letter to the RIT Community from the Women of Color of Student Government
It is unfortunate that 52 years after the Civil Rights Movement ended, we are still fighting for the civil rights of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). Many of you may be aware of the resurgence of Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations across the country following the brutal killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police in late May. As this summer unraveled, more names of people of color were added to the already long list of BIPOC killed at the hands of white supremacy: Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and Rochester’s very own Daniel Prude. Seeing the little justice they have received speaks to the lack of value placed on the lives of Black people in this country. Each day, Black people are unfortunately treated as though they aren’t as important or as deserving of life as their white peers. The Black Lives Matter Movement, which is the primary organizer of the nationwide protests, is part of a global foundation: