September Editor's Note

The initial title for this issue was to be "The Injustice Issue."

The issue was supposed to tear apart the events that unfolded and have continued to unfold within the RIT community that have worked to uphold those in charge. Where minority voices are told, they are being heard while the administration sides with the oppressors.

This issue was supposed to expose questionable actions that have taken place for years that warrant answers. Questions about the uses of our students’ money, about manipulation, about the racial injustices that have plagued this campus and the entire United States.

Our team wanted to open the wounds that RIT has been trying to cover up over the last few years — to show the disparity between what we are being fed and what is actually happening on campus. We wanted to display the truth about scandals that have been covered up and ignored, to give voices to those who have been affected and suppressed.

But what happened?


Fear from the administration and refusal to speak with Reporter. Fear of the repercussions of coming forward with information and refusal to comment on matters pertinent to the functioning of our student body.

Fear from those who were affected by the injustice, to come forward and expose themselves to the power that shut them down.

Fear of repercussions for our staff for digging into matters that could give them attention from the wrong people.

I challenge that fear. I challenge those in charge who uphold the discretion that leaves the students they work for in the dark. I challenge them to hear those who step forward and tell their story and allow them that free speech. I challenge them to respect those who are trying to bring this information forward to make RIT a place where there really is greatness in difference.

As for Reporter, I challenge us to take the risks we need to bring information to the student body.

We are a community. We need that communication to succeed as students. RIT needs that communication with its students to succeed as a university.

Sooner or later, the apathetic mindset and refusal to change will leave you behind. The voices of the oppressed will be heard and RIT will either blossom to new extents, or crumble under the feet of those who will not listen.