SG Update 11/30

Tech Committee Report

Erica Parker, Tech Committee chairperson and fifth year Networking Systems Administration major, reported that the Tech Committee meeting of the month brought news of outdoor Wi-Fi arriving very soon. The project should be completed over the winter break.

New Director of Operations

Emilyn Nguyen, fourth year double major in Biomedical Sciences and International and Global Studies, ran for the position of Student Government (SG) director of operations. She was the previous SG College of Health Sciences and Technology senator. When asked about her goals, Nguyen replied that she is very organized and wants to learn from the position and the senators she will work with. Nguyen was approved for the position by majority senate vote.

New Director of Finance

Jeff Olivero, fourth year Management Information Systems major, ran for the position of SG director of finance. He previously served as SG director of operations. SG Vice President Corinne Mendieta, a fifth year Mechanical Engineering Technology major, reported on Olivero’s experience in handling finances since he was unable to be present at the meeting and he was not available for questions. Olivero was approved for the position by majority senate vote.


The Hub has agreed to offer a 20 percent discount to all RIT students during the last three to four weeks of the fall semester.

Mendieta encouraged senators to see Cabaret, a show put on by NTID and the College of Liberal Arts.

“Bobby [Moakley, SG president and fourth year Environmental Science major,] and I got a chance to see a preview and it looked amazing,” said Mendieta.