What is Your Favorite Thing About Yourself?

Adrienne Michalakis 4th Year Graphic Design
Alyssa Jackson 3rd Year Journalism
Billy Gerken 4th Year Political Science and Journalism
Carly Booth 2nd Year Journalism
Chelsea Behrens 3rd Year ASL / English Interpreting
Cory Morgan 3rd Year Business Management
David Breen 1st Year Electromechanical Engineering and Technology
Garrett Chase 2nd Year Fine Art Photography
Joan McDonough 4th Year journalism
Kate Wilkerson 4th Year Film and Animation
Kate Sudar 3rd Year Illustration
Kristen McNicholas 3rd Year Photojournalism
Miguel Moran 1st Year Journalism
Natasha Amadasun 2nd year Biomedical Engineering
Nathan Lichtenstein 3rd Year Networking and Systems Administration
Nicholas Lamicela 4th Year Computational Mathematics
Nicole Howley 4th Year Public Policy
Paul Benns 3rd Year Film and Animation
Rachael Moynihan 4th Year New Media Marketing
Sara Caruso 3rd Year Film and Animation

Photos from our app release party asking RIT students "What is your favorite thing about yourself?".