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Reporter has fantastic advertising opportunities for organizations of all sizes.

About us

Reporter is a student-run magazine established in 1951. The magazine is printed monthly while the website is updated daily.

Reporter's target markets are RIT students, faculty and staff.

2300 free print issues will be distributed to stands around campus on the first Monday of every month. The print issue includes 32 pages that cover news, feature stories, wellness, culture and student activities that are related to the Rochester and RIT community.

Contact Our Ad Manager

37 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, New York 14623

(585) 475 - 2213

Highest degree: Doctoral
Total undergraduate enrolment: 15,085
Tuition: $44,058
Full time student average ages: 21
Percentage of males: 67.0%
Percentage of females: 33.0%
All undergraduates living on campus: 53.0%
Faculty and Staff: 3,753
Residence halls: 3,487 students
Apartment residents: 2,814 students

Monthly Web Statistics
Pageviews: 25,000
Unique Visitors: 4,000

Artwork Requirement

For a small fee of $50.00, our staff designers can create an advertisement if you or your company does not have the artwork already prepared. For further information please contact our Advertising Manager at the email or telephone number provided above.

Payment and Late Fees

We only accept credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express). Cards will be charged after the advertisement has been published in print or online. There are only 4 pages available for advertising in each issue, therefore space is limited. Any late advertisements will be charged a $25 late fee. If the advertisement is submitted past the printing deadline or not at all, it will not be run and you will be charged a $500.00 no-show fee.

For internal advertisements, your 24 digit internal account number is required at the time the contract is completed.

Discount Package

Purchase all 8 print ads for a 15% discount and free online advertising for the first week of every month.

Color Print Advertisements

Our print advertising rates are determined by the number of magazines

Placement One-time Contract Three-Magazine Contract Yearly Contract
Full back cover $1000 $850 / issue $650 / issue
Full Inside front cover $800 $640 / issue $475 / issue
Full Inside back cover $750 $680 / issue $500 / issue
Full page $400 $320 / issue $260 / issue
Half page $225 $190 / issue $140 / issue
Quarter page $125 $105 / issue $85 / issue
Eighth (1/8) page $1000 $850 / issue $650 / issue
Spread (2 pages) $1000 $850 / issue $650 / issue

Online Advertisement Weekly Monthly Semester
Horizontal Rectangle (512 x 288px) $100 $175 $500
Vertical Rectangle (1024 x 288px) $100 $175 $500

Internal Pricing

If you are a club or organization at RIT please contact the Advertising and Public Relations Manager for the advertising prices.