Parking lot 67P

by Dev Sheth | Dec. 26, 2014

We landed on a comet 500 million kilometers away...while it was moving.

Finding an Innovative Leader for an Innovative Institution

by Taylor Derrisaw | Dec. 20, 2014

The Saunders College of Business is looking for a new dean.

Play Ball, FIFA: Consider Human Rights

by Ty Clauss | Dec. 12, 2014

The association that represents the world's largest sports, is falling under serious media attention as the accusations of secrecy, fraud and human rights abuses fly.

Net Neutrality - Why Title II Doesn't Work

by Jake Krajewski | Dec. 5, 2014

The battle for the internet is raging, but are we proposing changes that will do more harm than good?

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Review

by William Hirsh | Dec. 3, 2014

"The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth" is a stellar remake that surpasses the original in almost every conceivable way.

SG Update 11/21/2014

by Juan Lachapelle | Dec. 3, 2014

On the November 21 SG meeting, a representative from Finance and Administration gave a presentation on their strategic plan, a presentation for a plan to bolster RITpedia and club websites was given and a resolution to various parking pass-related PawPrints petitions was amended and passed.

The Construct @ RIT: Making Your Dreams a Reality

by Erica Karen Butler | Dec. 3, 2014

Do you have a crazy idea that you want to see built before your very eyes? Step into the awesome world of 3-D printing at The Construct @ RIT.

MRI Machines Take Physics to the Next Level

by Maria Ijaz | Dec. 3, 2014

It’s amazing to know how far research has come within the many branches of technology. Recently, a team of physicists was able to detect a single hydrogen atom, millions of times smaller than body tissue, using high-powered MRI. 



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National Poverty Guideline for one person in the continental United States in 2014
Annual Salary: $11,670
Per month: $972.5

The National Poverty Guideline, also referred to as the poverty line, this is the income level you must maintain to not be considered in poverty in the US.

Self Sufficiency Standard (SSS) for one person in Monroe County, NY 2010
Annual Salary: $20,042
Per month: $1,670

The SSS was calculated for each of the counties within New York State by a committee charged with the task. Based on credible sources, multiple categories of household costs and standard methodology, the SSS was intended to provide a measure of the minimum income required in order for a household to pay for all of its needs without relying on any assistance from the government or others.

SSS estimated monthly costs for a single person living in Monroe County in 2010 as follows:
Housing: $672
Food: $215
Transportation: $261
Health Care: $147
Miscellaneous: $130
Taxes including tax credits: $245

The Miscellaneous section is for other essentials such as toiletries, cleaning products, clothes, shoes, telephone service, and household items; not recreation, debt repayment, or savings. This expense is calculated as 10% of other accounted for expenses before taxes.

Taxes are based on the assumption that you are making a wage matching that of the SSS.

Overall, these costs may vary for you, for instance, if you do not have a car or if you are still on your parent’s health insurance. In addition, it does not account for the cost of paying for college. Nonetheless, this sample budget provides an outline on what expenses the average person needs to cover and provides a point of comparison for where your budget may stand.

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$1701 or more
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$0 – 200
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$1301 – 1700
9% (8 votes)
$901 – 1300
7% (7 votes)
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