Suspect Scholarships

by Ty Clauss | Oct. 30, 2014

RIT's high school awards program offers scholarships worth $28,000 over four years. However, the design of the scholarship results in a low likelihood of the awardees ever receiving the money.


Roc Kizomba and Zouk Festival: Fall's Never Been This Hot

by Erica Karen Butler | Oct. 28, 2014

A look at one of Rochester's newest dance movements.

We Need To Switch Gears: Biking Signs At RIT

by William Hirsh | Oct. 28, 2014

When biking restrictions were established in places where biking had been previously allowed, students responded with confusion and disapproval.. RIT needs a better compromise that respects each party involved.

Beyond the Bricks 10/22

by Dominique Hessert | Oct. 26, 2014

New York state law denies guns to people with mental illness, remains of UVA student found and Republican presidential statistics released.

App Profile: SmartNews

by Nathan J. Lichtenstein | Oct. 25, 2014

Meet SmartNews, a content aggregation and filtering app that wades through the saturated online news media market. 

For Your Consideration: The Skeleton Twins

by Carly Booth | Oct. 24, 2014

A review of Craig Johnson's sophomore feature film.

The Week in Sports (10/12 - 10/18)

by Prateek Ranka | Oct. 24, 2014

A glimpse of what happened in sports the week of October 13 - 18

Information Sharing in the Healthcare World

by Kim Persky | Oct. 24, 2014

Electronic health care records: one step forward or two steps back? 


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