“We are unstoppable! Another world is possible!”

By Alyssa Jackson | Aug. 25, 2014

A crowd composed of college students, members of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) and various other activists rallied on August 16 in protest of the police brutality fueling riots in Ferguson, Mont.

The event was organized on Aug. 14 during a candlelight vigil held in Rochester for Mike Brown, the 18-year-old whose violent death in Ferguson sparked the riots. Police state that Brown was reaching for his gun while eyewitnesses said that Brown was gunned down while his hands were in the air in surrender.

The event has sparked national protests and petitions, including one for a Mike Brown law on whitehouse...

The Stairwell Believers

By Taylor Derrisaw | May. 14, 2014

During Imagine RIT 2013, film and animation graduate students Michael Lacanilao and Brianna Byrne displayed their elaborate and intricate project: the Escherian Stairwell.

The supposedly endless staircase that loops itself in the Gannett building has gained widespread media attention as millions of viewers were unable to explain the seamless editing done by the two students.

Lacanilao and Byrne have gone to great lengths to make the story believable, even making a fake Facebook account for the architect, Rafael Nelson Aboganda, who supposedly made the stairwell in the 1960’s...

The Savior Complex and Voluntourism

By Nicole Howley | May. 13, 2014

The summer after my freshman year of college, I had what felt like a major existential crisis. I broke up with my long distance boyfriend, chopped off my hair, donated half of my belongings to Goodwill and decided that I would change my major...

Review: NTY Now App

By Joan McDonough | May. 13, 2014
Rating: 5/5Subscription cost: $7.99 per month (without subscription, 10 free articles per month)


Not everyone has the time or the inclination to sit down and read through the New York Times every day. The NYT Now app provides a quick and easy way to access the news. While it doesn’t give readers intricate details about each story, it fulfills its goal of giving them a good idea of what is happening in the world.

Twice every day, once at 6 a.m. and again at 6 p.m., the app is updated with briefings. These briefings set this app apart from The New York Times’ website and main app in that they provide just a glimpse of each top news story...

Slideshow: Turbo Glow Kicks Up SpringFest

By Paula Ospina | May. 12, 2014

As a part of SpringFest, the College Activities Board hosted a Turbo Glow Party on Thursday, April 24, 2014, in RIT’s Clark Gym in Henrietta, N.Y...

RIT Marijuana talk seeks to set myths “Up in Smoke”

By Alexander Jones | May. 8, 2014


When it comes to marijuana use and legalization in this country, whether you’re in complete support or against it, it’s hard to deny that everyone from high schoolers to political figureheads have been throwing in their two cents recently. 

 Karen Pelc, RIT’s coordinator for Wellness Education, and Jessica Ecock of the Center for Student Conduct hoped to set the record straight on common marijuana myths this past Wednesday, April 16. During their presentation, aptly entitled “Up in Smoke - Let’s Talk About Pot,” Pelc and Ecock addressed a small gathering of students in the Center for Campus Life about marijuana and its potentially dangerous side-effects...

SG Update

By Juan Lachapelle | May. 6, 2014

At the May 3 Student Government (SG) meeting, an update on student auxiliary services was given, changes to sexual assault policies were presented, revisions to graduate senator selections were presented and representatives from the committee for the smoking policy presented.

Student Auxiliary Services Yearly update

Howard Ward, assistant vice president of Student Auxiliary Services (SAS), brought to attention the various successes and improvements of SAS. Firstly, relations and communications with SG have greatly improved with an increase in  relations with students and staff improving as well...

60 Students to Lose Jobs

By Juan Lachapelle | May. 6, 2014

Currently, there are over 140 lab assistants working all over campus, but this will be cut down to about 80 during the transition into the 2014 fall semester. Lab assistants - better known as “labbies” - work and monitor the many computer labs stationed around campus. Each college hires lab assistants through lab services. The cuts will only affect the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences and the College of Business.

Lab assistants were notified through email by lab services a little before spring break that there would be no hiring opportunities for the summer semester...

SG Update

By Juan Lachapelle | May. 5, 2014

At the April 25 Student Government (SG), Kevin McDonald gave a update on diversity statistics for the campus, potential changes to the Student conduct policy were presented, bylaw changes were approved and a discussion about future bus service efforts was held.

Diversity and Inclusion Update

Kevin McDonald, vice president of diversity and inclusion, presented earlier in the year to SG about the current state of diversity within the university. He has returned to give an update based on the same four areas he focused on before: access and success, campus climate and intergroup relations, education and scholarship and institutional infrastructure...

A Rise in Group Therapy

By Juan Lachapelle | May. 5, 2014

RIT Counseling Center sits on the second floor of the August Center. A small but dedicated staff prides itself in providing the highest quality care possible for our diverse campus. For years now, the numbers of appointments have continued to grow and have put strain on the center’s programming and the centers’ staff. At one point in February, it was rumored that they had done away with one on one sessions in favor of group sessions. This gathered a lot of interest through the RIT reddit page with people looking for concrete answers.

John Weas, director of the Counseling Center, made a direct statement himself in a reddit post and debunked the rumor...

The Fine Print: Policy C3.0

By Nathan J. Lichtenstein | May. 5, 2014

The RIT community has a very innovative and creative mindset that harbors the free flow of ideas. RIT Governance Policy C3.0, Intellectual Property Policy, navigates the tumultuous waters of intellectual property (IP). Fortunately for RIT students, policy C3.0 has their best interest in mind regarding possession of IP rights.

There a few important things students should know about how RIT’s IP policy affects them. For starters, RIT doesn’t use C3.0 as a cookie cutter policy, as the policy states “…this Policy cannot and should not be mechanically applied to every situation that may arise...

Spreading the Love: Polyamory

By Nick Bovee | May. 3, 2014

In almost every movie, from action adventures to romantic comedies, we have seen the protagonist finally find and fall in love with the perfect person: their love; their soul mate; “The One.” Although some movies have started to include relationships between a variety of people of different genders and sexual orientations, the relationship style is still the same: one person madly in love with one other person.

However, despite the lack of evidence in pop culture, people are pushing to expand the view of how romantic relationships are structured...

The Stigmas of Being Bisexual

By Alyssa Jackson | May. 3, 2014

Bisexual individuals constitute a growing and often misunderstood group in the LGBTQQIA community. Simply put, bisexual people are sexually attracted to both men and women. This should not be confused with pansexual, or people who are sexually attracted to all genders. People involved in this community are frequently stigmatized and incorrectly labeled due to a lack of understanding.

According to Henry Hinesley, staff coordinator of the Q Center at RIT, those who identify as bisexual are often accused of being unable to make up their minds...

Gay and Lesbian Rights on a Global Scale

By Taylor Derrisaw | May. 3, 2014

“I [...] may say that if homosexuals in Berlin are now granted such a unique restoration of life, it is mainly due to our enlightening movement, without wanting to be blamed for some of the excesses which have emerged over time,” said Magnus Hirschfield, the founder of the first world gay rights movement, the Scientific Humanitarian Committee (SHC) in 1897.

Although elevated, this quote shows that Hirschfield, alongside many other individuals throughout history, has been fighting for equal rights for all sexualities for quite some time now...


By Joan McDonough | May. 3, 2014

Disclaimer: The stories and events shared in this piece are subjective to those who shared them with Reporter. Not every person’s story or experience may be similar.

“I remember that when I came out to my mom … she said I might have been masturbating wrong,” said Jack Meredith in an interview over the phone. “I don’t want to have sex.”

Meredith, a recent graduate of RIT, identifies as asexual. Asexuality is the absence of sexual attraction to other people. It is often misunderstood and people who identify as such face stigmas and misconceptions. Asexuality is an innate characteristic that many individuals from all walks of life identify with...

Ladies Drink Free: That's Business!

By Joan McDonough | May. 3, 2014

Free things are great—just don’t be an idiot. Don’t take free, opened candy from strangers, don’t click on an offer for a free trip to the Bahamas and don’t go hug the “Free Hug” guy standing on the corner...

Ladies Drink Free: That's Sexist!

By Nicole Howley | May. 3, 2014

One of the most difficult things to do in life is to decline something that’s free...

The Biology of the Orgasm

By Michelle Spoto | May. 3, 2014


Editors note: In this article, we note the differences between the “male” and “female” orgasm and use biological sex as the distinction between the two. Due to the heteronormative nature of the research conducted on this topic, the information in this article does not reference intersex individuals. However, orgasm is an experience that can be achieved by many individuals regardless of genitalia and we encourage readers to use this article to become interested in what may be happening to their body during orgasm.

Sexual arousal and orgasm are extremely complex biological functions, affecting numerous areas of the body from the skin to the brain...

Safe Sex in All Respects

By Nicole Howley | May. 3, 2014


Sex is a fantastic activity, and like any other fantastic activity, sex comes with risks...

The Modern Civil Rights Movement

By Alyssa Jackson | May. 3, 2014
The History of Trans*

In 2011, Eliza Gray, staff writer at Time Magazine, boldly labeled the Transgender Rights movement as America’s next civil rights struggle.

RIT’s Safe Zone training process defines transgender as an individual who is gender nonconforming, such as those who were assigned the incorrect sex at birth and later in life may or may not decide to surgically change to outwardly reflect their preferred gender identity. For the majority of the article, trans* will include an asterisk in order to be as inclusive as possible of all members of the incredibly diverse community...


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