Beyond the Bricks

By Dominique Hessert | Apr. 22, 2014


China’s Actions Delay Malaysian Jet Search

China was quickly labeled a hero when their Haixun 01 vessel reported a detection of underwater signals in April that looked like they came from the missing Malaysian plane.

According to Fox News, an Australian ship discounted China’s findings when it picked up a similar signal 300 nautical miles away from the location China determined. Countries involved in the investigation have expressed irritation with China because their announcement delayed the search.

This was not the first time Chinese vessels have reported findings that were later discounted. Early on in the investigation China showed satellite photographs...

Meet Your 2014 Presidential Candidates

By Juan Lachapelle | Apr. 14, 2014

Student Government (SG) elections are fast approaching with two pairs of candidates competing for the presidential and vice presidential positions. Ashley Carrington, a third year Finance and Management Information Systems double major, and Tyler Pierce, a third year Management Information Systems major, are going up against Joseph “Joe” Sciandra, a third year Manufacturing Engineering Technology major, and Jim “Chip” Francesca, a second year Biomedical Sciences major. 

Ashley and Tyler

Carrington is currently the director of finance for SG, has club and Major Student Organization (MSO) experience and was a student athlete during her freshman year. She says her...

The Fine Print: Policies E5.0 and E6.0

By Nathan J. Lichtenstein | Apr. 15, 2014


The faculty members students learn from are ultimately going to affect the outcome of their experience in higher education. If students end up with an instructor who doesn’t care about what he is teaching, they are going to suffer in the long run. The tenure system is common throughout the educational system and many people, including myself, believe this to be a broken system. Guaranteeing career security to educators who showed teaching merit at one point in their career does not mean they will always do so.

According to RIT Governance Policy E6.0, Faculty Rank, academic faculty at RIT can be broken down into two broad categories, tenure track and non-tenure track....

Against the Smoking Ban: an issue of students' rights

By Alyssa Jackson | Apr. 15, 2014

On January 31, Donna Rubin, assistant vice president for student wellness, and Mike Stojkovic, assistant director for wellness, presented a possible change to SG involving the current smoking policy at RIT. This new policy would ban the use of all tobacco products on university owned property. If approved by Institute Council on May 7, students would no longer be able to smoke tobacco, pipes, e-cigarettes or hookah after a 12 to 18 month transition.

At the SG meeting Rubin could not produce adequate information from the survey done by the committee she co-chairs for the smoking policy. When asked who the survey was issued to, Rubin stated that it was only given to international...

In Defense of the Smoking Ban

By Michelle Spoto | Apr. 15, 2014

I think if I hear the phrase “smokers’ rights” one more time, I might lose it. I just might. “Smokers’ rights” isn’t a thing. Smokers aren’t an underprivileged or oppressed group of individuals that need protecting.  They’re people who choose to participate in a knowingly unhealthy habit. For members of the RIT community that suffer from asthma, allergies or a genetic predisposition to lung or blood cancers, the issue is much bigger.  It’s for this reason that I wholly support a campus-wide ban of cigarette smoke.

Now, I’m not here to judge. Everyone has their vices— whether it’s drinking, gambling or casual sex—and it’d be more than a little...

Death and Politics at Attica

By Dominique Hessert | Apr. 15, 2014

Forty years ago, on September 9, 1971, the inmates of the New York Attica Correction Facility took over, taking correction officers and other employees hostage. On September 13, the state police assaulted the prison, ending the four day uprising in the bloodiest one-day encounter between Americans since the Civil War.

On April 9 Rochester’s own Chris Christopher and Dave Marshall’s documentary was presented at RIT, which was dedicated to revealing the true story of what happened during the Attica Riot. The hour long documentary included interviews with: Michael Smith, a correction officer that was taken hostage during the uprising; Dee Quinn Miller, the daughter of a...

Three Stars: Courtney Tennant

By Nicole Howley | Apr. 14, 2014

Courtney Tennant started playing basketball in elementary school and has played all the way through graduate school. In addition to setting records and earning awards throughout her four years as center for RIT’s Women’s Basketball team,...

Three Stars: Jameel Balenton

By Josh Barber | Apr. 14, 2014

The work ethic of RIT men’s basketball team member Jameel Balenton, a fourth year Electrical Engineering major from Syracuse, N.Y., is not up for debate

"He’s one of our hardest workers: day in and day out,” said Coach Bob McVean....

Three Stars: Kate Baldwin

By Nathan J. Lichtenstein | Apr. 14, 2014

Fourth year Industrial Engineering major Katie Baldwin has always loved to swim, being in the water and messing around in the pool. Originally from Phelps, N.Y., Baldwin was in eighth grade when the school chartered its first swim team. “I was...

SG Update

By Juan Lachapelle | Apr. 8, 2014


In the April 4 Student Government (SG) meeting, representatives from the Wallace Library came to talk about recent renovations and the last mid-year report was given by the director of programming for SG.


Renovations of the Wallace Center

Jason Stryker, senior manager of circulation and facilities, and Margaret Bartlett, senior manager instruction and education services explained their recent summer renovations of the first floor of the Wallace center. Many of the renovation ideas came from industrial and interior design students.

The first floor furniture was rearranged with the implementation of collaboration stations for students. The library...

Beyond the Bricks

By Traci Turner | Apr. 2, 2014
Michelle Obama Tours China to Promote Study Abroad and Foreign Affairs

During spring break, Michelle Obama and her two daughters, Malia and Sasha, visited China to emphasize education and opportunities from studying abroad, The New York Times reported. In a speech Obama delivered at Peking University, she talked about how crucial it is for students to communicate with other countries and learn how economies are interconnected. Although 200,000 Chinese students are studying in the United States, only 20,000 American students are studying in China. Obama said the primary reason why students do not take advantage of studying abroad in China is because of expense and fear.

While the...

SG Update

By Juan Lachapelle | Apr. 2, 2014

At the March 21 Student Government (SG) meeting, the final three midyear reports were presented.

Vice President

Nick Cifranic, vice president of SG, discussed events and programs he has helped organize such as the Roast of SG, where students were able to discreetly voice their opinions about the campus. Cifranic also helped organize the career day dry cleaning program which drew in over 120 people. His next project includes visiting Dubai over spring break with Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Heath Boice-Pardee and SG President Paul Darragh in order to hold a conference for international RIT campuses and Student Governments. He is also assisting in the rollout of the...

The Fine Print: Policy C11.0

By Nathan J. Lichtenstein | Apr. 2, 2014

“RIT firmly believes that among its goals and responsibilities are the free pursuit of truth and intellectual and moral development of its students... Because the rights of free speech and lawful assembly are fundamental to the democratic process and the academic process, RIT supports the rights of all its members freely to express their views and to protest against actions and opinions with which they disagree, using peaceful and lawful means of dissent.” – RIT Governance Policy C11.0

Policy C11.0 acknowledges that RIT’s responsibility as an institution of higher education is to provide access to the truth and intellectual development, including the right to protest. In...

Beyond the Bricks

By Dominique Hessert | Mar. 27, 2014

8 Die in Gas Explosion

In New York City eight people have died and dozens were injured due to a gas explosion on March 19. According to ABC News, the blast occurred only 15 minutes after a report from a neighbor stating they smelled gas....

3 Minutes and 9 Seconds for this Team to Grab your Attention

By Juan Lachapelle | Mar. 22, 2014

Practicing upwards to three times a week, building relationships that last a life time and doing it all in the name of slam poetry is RIT’s Poetry Slam Team, who is headed to the national competition in Boulder, Colorado. The team consists of Chris Ketant, a fifth year Software Engineering major, Kwando Opong-Mensah, a first year graduate student in Electrical Engineering, Chris Scott, a fifth year Chemical Engineer, Jjvon Hardware, a fifth year Computer Engineering major, and Michelle Sason, a second year Fine Art Photography major. Coming from different majors and backgrounds, they train rigorously and promote slam to the rest of the RIT community.

Slam poetry is poetry read...

Making Promises

By Nicole Howley | Mar. 18, 2014

Every candidate for office makes promises. In 2008, presidential hopeful Barack Obama promised health care and improved environmental protection: the first happened, the second did not. Last year, SG president and vice presidential hopefuls promised that they would start a bike sharing program, get all teachers to use MyCourses and that classes would be videotaped: the first is set to roll out soon, details of the second are still up in the air and the last turned out to financially unfeasible. This is all part of the process, building up voter support, telling them what they want to hear and wishing that you could change everything you want to. But I believe that making unfulfillable...

Data mining and You with Natasha Singers

By Juan Lachapelle | Mar. 16, 2014

The center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction and Creativity (MAGIC) hosted a presentation on consumer data mining and management through private companies by Natasha Singers, a New York Times reporter for the Sunday business section. Singer specializes in writing about the business of consumer data. Her presentation discussed the current state of the consumer data business and its striking similarities to various fictional books on advanced societies.

Singer’s biggest assignment on consumer data began two years ago with her article series titled “You for Sale,” which focused on corporations whose jobs are to collect data on consumers in order to sell them to other...

Try a Tri This Weekend

By Kayla Emerson | Mar. 15, 2014

"When you're swimming, you can hear a muffled cheer once in awhile, when you turn your head [out of the water],” [J1] recalled second year Management Information Systems major Eric Lizotte. This cheerful spirit is his favorite part of volunteering for Try a Tri.

This Sunday, March 16, RIT will host its 10th Annual Try a Tri  in the Gordon Field House from 7:30 a.m. to noon. The scaled-down version of a triathlon is organized by the Running and Multisport Club, two RIT clubs that combined into one this year.

For the event's 10th year, the organizers are working with Colleges Against Cancer  to raise about $1,000 each for three organizations: Camp Good Days and Special...

Academic Senate Update

By Joan McDonough | Mar. 14, 2014

The Academic Senate meeting on March 6, 2014 covered three main topics: the Smoking Policy, the Strategic Planning Initiative and RIT Policy E7.0.

The Smoking Policy

The Task Force for the Smoking Policy, instated in October 2012, is co-chaired by Assistant Vice President for Student Wellness Donna Rubin and Associate Director for Wellness Michael Stojkovic. It was established as a wellness initiative for RIT. The task force is comprised of students, faculty and staff.

The proposal is set to go before the Institute Council May 7. In preparation, the co-chairs presented the proposed policy to Academic Senate to request their endorsement. The policy would ban all tobacco use...

Freshman Class Facebook Page Shut Down

By Nathan Castle | Mar. 13, 2014

On February 17, RIT Admissions announced that it was closing the Facebook group for RIT’s 2013 freshman class. Citing harassment concerns, a student employee of Undergraduate Admissions removed the regular student administrators and announced plans to delete the page within days. Student reactions were mixed, with some students decrying the move and others supporting it. Others wondered what the move meant for other online student-led Facebook groups.

The Facebook group was officially started by Undergraduate Admissions to provide a common area for finding roommates and getting help with the transition to college life. The freshman community on the page was active enough that it...


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