Eye-Catching: RIT's Public Performers

by Kevin Zampieron | May. 18, 2016

RIT’s public performers are hard to miss. But why do they do what they do?


Investigating Diversity and Inclusion at RIT

by Alyssa Jackson | May. 16, 2016

RIT boasts of greatness through difference, but three lawsuits against the university sing a different tune. 

The Injustice of the Felony Murder Rule

by Bryanne McDonough | May. 10, 2016

A law in many states allows a perpetrator of a felony to be held responsible for any murder that occurs during that felony.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: The Laugh Your Heart Out Netflix Original

by Bryanne McDonough | May. 10, 2016

Netflix puts out another incredibly funny season of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt."

Tech+ (Week of April 24)

by Natasha Amadasun | May. 5, 2016

STEM recaps from RIT and beyond.

YouTube, Where's the Fair Use?

by Jake Krajewski | May. 5, 2016

For years, YouTube's broken copyright system has left content creators at the mercy of overzealous and criticism-sensitive companies, becoming a place where creators are guilty of copyright infringement until proven innocent. The content creators aren't going to stand for this broken system any longer.

The Chris Percentile

by Dominique Hessert | May. 2, 2016

The story of Chris Clemens and his road to recovery.

Western New York's Campaign Rallies

by Kristen McNicholas | Apr. 30, 2016

The past few primaries have been especially good for presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but a few weeks ago the candidates were all campaigning through New York to secure their support from Western New Yorkers. A few of our photographers had a unique opportunity to photograph the 2016 Presidential Candidates and now we have exclusive images for our readers to see. 

Spoiler Warning: When Movie Trailers Show Too Much

by Ryan Black | Apr. 30, 2016

Movie studios seem to have little intention of practicing moderation with what they reveal in their promotional material. As the recent "Batman vs Superman" shows, it can indeed lessen the experience of seeing the final film.

RIT Tennis on the Rise

by Kristin Grant | Apr. 29, 2016

With a new head coach and two fairly young teams, this year has kicked off a whole series of new beginnings for the RIT tennis program.

Tech+ (Week of April 17)

by Natasha Amadasun | Apr. 28, 2016

STEM recaps from RIT and beyond.

1951: When the Royals Ruled Rochester

by Kristin Grant | Apr. 26, 2016

In light of the 65th anniversary of THE Rochester Royal's NBA Championship win, RIT reflects on the team's history and legacy here in the city.   

On "Think Pieces" and Journalistic Elitism

by Alexander Jones | Apr. 22, 2016

There is a truly undervalued importance in "think pieces," easily the most derided form of writing that exists today.

The Life, Death and Afterlife of the Global Village Smart Suite

by Bryanne McDonough | Apr. 22, 2016

The Global Village smart suite was big news and a lucky few got to live in them for a few days. Although the suite was dismantled, its legacy remains. 

RIT Players Presents: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

by Sara Melissa Caruso | Apr. 14, 2016

This year's featured musical is the much anticipated 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, which is about a group of youngsters navigating the time honored tradition of spelling bees. Directed by Jessica VanGiesen and Vasilios Anton, this play promises to be full of laughs and surprises.

See the play April 15th through the 17th in Clark Gym:

Friday April 15th, 8pm; Saturday April 16th, 8pm; Sunday April 17th, 2pm.

Camera by Isza Ceesay, Francesco D'Amanda

Edited by Francesco D'Amanda


Album Review: "Mind of Mine" by Zayn Malik

by Grace Guadagnino | Apr. 14, 2016

Zayn Malik's solo album "Mind of Mine" takes risks that One Direction wouldn't dare to attempt – or at least the ones their producers wouldn't let them take.

Phishing for Info

by Taylor Derrisaw | Apr. 10, 2016

Reporter helps you avoid a recent phishing scam targeted toward RIT students.

Beyond the Bricks (Week of April 4)

by Taylor Derrisaw | Apr. 10, 2016

A closer look at the Prime Minister of Iceland's resignation, a new partnership between Veterans' Affairs and a local healthcare provider and a controversial law enacted in Mississippi.

Workers' Compensation Benefits: Don't Get Injured

by Rozie Yeghiazarian | Apr. 7, 2016

​How much are your body parts worth? Depending on what state you live in, the answer to that question changes drastically. 


Album Review: "This Is What The Truth Feels Like" by Gwen Stefani

by Nicholaus James Jodlowski | Apr. 4, 2016

After a ten year hiatus, Gwen Stefani has returned more vulnerable then ever.


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