RIT Players Presents: Clue

by Sara Melissa Caruso | Apr. 24, 2015

On a dark and stormy night, a few familiar characters attend a dinner party. Little did they know their night would be fraught with blackmail, deception, and murder.

Mars One: Space Exploration for the Internet Age

by Kevin Zampieron | Apr. 21, 2015

The questionable campaign of the Mars One has many doubting the viability of the project. While the concerns may be well founded, we need to give ambitious projects like these the benefit of the doubt and keep from becoming cynical about space exploration.

Mars One: Toto, We're Not Ready to Leave Kansas

by Taylor Derrisaw | Apr. 21, 2015

Humanity has a long list of achievements, but are we really ready to put Mars on that list as well?

Slut Walk: Rochester 2015

by Sara Melissa Caruso | Apr. 20, 2015

Above the rumble of wind, Rheytchul Kimmel talks about her courage to move beyond the label of victim, and Michele discussed the event that changed her life forever. Empowered by these stories, the Slut Walk took to the street, chanting that one day we will change how we look at rape and its victims for the better.

RIT's Tuition Increase

by Taylor Derrisaw | Apr. 20, 2015

Tuition is going up. What does this mean for students?

The Net Neutrality Fallout

by Dev Sheth | Apr. 20, 2015

FCC: Internet service is a utility.


NY Budget: A Priorities List

by Ty Clauss | Apr. 19, 2015

The recently passed New York budget shows the priorities of our legislators, and the environment is near the bottom.

SG 4/17

by Taylor Derrisaw | Apr. 19, 2015

During this week's SG meeting, bylaw revisions were given and discussed, senators were reminded of final reports and SG election results were given.


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