Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been tasked with trying out different dating apps. After a little bit of research and discussion with friends, I’ve concluded that the three most popular dating apps were Bumble, Tinder and Hinge. While I’m by no means an expert at online dating, I’ve learned a little bit about each site and wanted to share that with all of you.

I downloaded these apps with the intention of finding a few connections and to go on fun dates. I wasn’t looking for a life partner, but I wasn’t looking for hookups, either.


If I’m being honest, Bumble was my least favorite of the three apps. The whole premise of Bumble is to switch up traditional gender roles, meaning that in heterosexual relationships, women are tasked with reaching out to men first.

I think this is a creative idea and I get where Bumble was going with this, but it wasn’t really my style. I’m not shy when it comes to reaching out to people, but I think an app like this is most attractive to straight men who aren’t as willing to make the first move.

For some, this is probably an effective app. However, my type tends to be men who aren’t shy and make the first move, which was really difficult to find on Bumble. Overall, I would give my experience a three out of ten. To be honest, I’ve already deleted the app.


Tinder is the app that first comes to mind when I consider dating sites. It has the classic swipe right and left features, as well as a “bio” section for you to explain a bit about yourself.

This app was by far the most mindless of the three. After a while, swiping is seen as more of a game, and I started to pay less attention to people’s bios. Because this is the most visually focused of the three apps, it didn’t seem to promote genuine connections. I’m not exactly looking for a life partner through these apps, so it didn’t bother me, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Overall, I think my Tinder experience deserves a five out of ten. I might keep it around for when I get bored, but my expectations aren’t all that high.


I was pleasantly surprised with my experience on Hinge. The slogan “the dating app designed to be deleted” is catchy, but it sounded a little more serious than what I was looking for. However, Hinge ended up being my favorite app of the three.

There are a few sections with prompts that give you a chance to show your personality. The most notable thing about Hinge is the ability to see when people “like” you right away. Both Tinder and Bumble only show you a person’s profile when you matched with each other.

This feature sounds good in theory, but I would strongly recommend turning off your notifications because of it. I downloaded the app before bed and woke up to 48 notifications. It was flattering, but a tad overwhelming.

All this being said, Hinge was the only app that introduced me to someone in person. We talked for a little while before he ended up taking me out to dinner. I don’t think this connection will last forever, but it was a fun experience and I’m glad I met him. I would give the app a solid eight out of ten.

What I’ve Learned

I don’t think I’m meeting my soulmate on a dating app, but it was a fun way to meet new people and have interesting conversations.

If you want to meet someone and don’t know where to start, it could be a good idea to download a couple of apps to figure out what you like. A lot of people I know have been successful in finding meaningful relationships through these apps, so I recommend giving it a shot!

Happy swiping!