Not all RIT policies are designed to be a hindrance to students; Some are designed to do the exact opposite. Consider parking tickets, we all know that they suck. Fortunately for RIT students, there is an institute policy that may make parking tickets a little less painful.

I will openly admit that I have parked in 20 minute parking zones on campus for a few minutes more than the time limit; I’m a talker and tend to lose track of time. Lucky for me, I have never been ticketed for spending 27 minutes in a 20 minute zone but if I was, RIT Policy C09.0 has my back. Policy C09.0, “Parking Appeals Board,” outlines steps students can take to appeal those pesky parking tickets and moving violations.

Appealing a citation is a painless process that can be accomplished in a variety of different ways. Students can:

  •    “Make an appointment to meet with the university parking appeals administrator at the Parking and Transportation Services Office in Grace Watson Hall;
  •    Mail a completed appeal form or letter to the appeals administrator;
  •    Send an e-mail appeal to the appeals administrator.”

The parking appeals administrator then considers all information provided and makes a decision. Fortunately for students, the decision of the parking appeals administrator is not final. If when appealing a parking ticket a student is not happy with the result of the appeal he or she can present the case in front of the RIT Parking Appeals Board.

The RIT Parking Appeals board is a body of seven individuals: three students, two faculty and two staff members, all of whom serve for one calendar year (although they can be reappointed, they cannot serve more than two consecutive terms). These individuals are tasked with providing a fair ruling on appeals to parking citations when the appeal was not resolved through an appeal with the parking appeals administrator. The board can take several routes when considering an appeal to a moving (or parking) violation. The board can choose from one of the following options:

1.      “Rescind the original fine and/or penalty on a traffic citation. In such cases, the citation will be stricken from the record.

2.      Uphold the original fine and/or penalty.

3.      Reduce the original fine and/or penalty. In such cases, the citation will remain on the record.

4.      Rescind an individual's driving and/or parking privileges on the RIT campus.

5.      Refer a case to the Institute Appeals Board together with a recommendation for further action. The Institute Appeals Board may either uphold the decision of the Parking Appeals Board, or hear the appeal and render its own decision.

6.      Make additional recommendations to appropriate administrative personnel.”

All in all this is a very thorough policy with the best interest of students in mind. C09.0 provides a fair, impartial and unbiased venue for students to appeal motor vehicle citations on campus. All institute policies are not created equal. While there are many RIT policies that I do not agree, I give this one my seal of approval. The Parking Appeals Board policy is a transparent process that any member of the RIT community can partake in. All you have to know is the fine print