• RIT Baja SAE team (RIOT Racing) took first place overall out of 100 teams in their first race of the season.
  • Industrial Engineering faculty member, Denis Cormier, received the Trustees Scholarship Award.
  • RIT hosted the 2016 International NASA Space Apps Challenge.

...And Beyond

  • Changan Automobile Co. successfully tested a self-driving car for 1200 total miles with little human interference. 
  • Acer unveiled a brand new range of products including a new notebook, Chromebook and various gaming products.
  • Facebook invented a Virtual Reality (VR) camera called the Surround 360 that boasts the ability to capture 360 degree images.
  • The Solar Impulse 2 solar airplane finished crossing the Pacific Ocean segment of its around the world journey and set several records including speed, distance, altitude, duration and altitude gain.
  • Shell reveals concept car Project M that is reported to achieve 89.1 miles per gallon at 45 miles per hour.