Operating Systems: 

With the launch of Android Lollipop, iOS 8, and OS X Yosemite, the Android and Apple devices have received significant upgrades in terms of software capabilities. In one of the biggest announcements of the year, Microsoft announced the next version of its desktop OS, Windows 10, in October, and has been releasing technical previews frequently. In a more poignant move, Windows XP finally reached its end-of-support in April this year, and enterprises are facing the move to modern operating systems soon.

Smartphones and Tablets:


With the release of Google’s Nexus 6, the year is pretty much rounded up, with all the major players having put their flagships out for consideration well in advance before the gift planning starts. The coming few months should see the arrival of the phones announced earlier in 2014, which will presumably be the last batch running Android Kitkat v4.4. The first equipment shipping Android 5.0 (Lollipop) should be in the works at Samsung and, HTC, and co, so expect those to arrive at the end of Q4. Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge has just arrived to stand alongside the Note 4 as Samsung attempts to combat its first serious competition in the phablet game, with both the new iPhones and the Nexus 6 proving to be powerful beasts. The tablet space is still dominated by the iPad, and it remains to be seen whether the phenomenal Nexus 9 can make room for itself. While Blackberry (Classic), Sony (Xperia N), LG (G4) and HTC (Desire Eye) will all launch some highly anticipated devices in Q3-4, the most promising new arrival will be when Google’s Project Ara comes to fruition. The modular customization of a smartphone is a groundbreaker and the project is sure to change the market for good and forever.


November 2013 saw the release of two of the hottest gaming consoles in the form of Xbox One and PS4, alongside the wildly popular game GTA V, which launched in September 2013. Over the last year, most major studios have been porting their popular titles to the new consoles (Xbox One and PS4), and most others seem to be finally catching up, with a series of releases over the last few weeksdays. ManyMost new games are moving exclusively to PS4 and Xbox One, but a few titles continue to arrive for their predecessors, PS3 and Xbox 360. PES 2015, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Halo: the Master Chief Collection, WWE 2K15 and Far Cry 4 have all gone on sale November 11 onwards. GTA V is coming to the PC next month (January 27), alongside Dying Light and. Evolve arrives on February 10., Mortal Kombat X on April 14 and Batman: Arkham Knight on June 2.