The new multi-million dollar high-tech lab has been designed to help innovators create prototypes for their design concepts, leading to the evolution of new products.

The lab, which features state-of-the-art equipment, will leverage over 250 years of combined hands-on experience in product design and development in the form of full-time research scientists supporting and collaborating with various stakeholders. It also provides specialized equipment to design and build simple prototypes.

The lab’s laser equipment, metal printing and electronic benches are poised to attract research partners, but it is possible that the 3D printers it houses will generate the most buzz; these machines will push RIT to the forefront of the innovation game. The lab, equipped with both metal and plastic 3D printing facilities, is expected to emerge as the focal point for manufacturers seeking to adapt to new technologies, both in terms of evaluation and application to the field.

Apart from 3D design and simulations, the lab will offer prototype fabrication as well as product testing, inspection and validation capabilities. In addition to hardware facilities, it is also equipped with specialized machine tools and workstations for computer-aided design drawings and analysis.

University, business and political officials welcomed the opening of the lab at the opening ceremony, which was held inside the Golisano Institute for Sustainability (GIS) in conjunction with National Manufacturing Day, an annual event held across the nation to demonstrate the potential of modern manufacturing as well as to foster interest in manufacturing careers.

The lab is located on the fourth floor of GIS and occupies around 3,300 square feet of space, in addition to the heavy fabrication equipment available in the adjacent Louise M. Slaughter Hall.