Known for gaming, engineering and hockey, you may think the only running that RIT students do is down the quarter mile in minus 8 degree weather. This season, however, the RIT Women’s Cross Country team is running so fast and kicking up so much dirt in the competition’s face, you probably missed them.

The big news surrounding the team this year concerns a first in RIT history, as the United States Track and Field and Cross Country ranked the team for the first time – placing them 30th in the nation. They are also sixth in the Atlantic Region. Recent victories include the Sept. 6 SUNY Oswego Cross Country Invitational, at which they came in first place, and finishing third out of 22 teams at the Yellowjacket Invitational at the University of Rochester.

Second year Emma Jones, a Rochester native, has had a particularly impressive start to the season. She was named RIT Female Athlete of the Week on Sept. 22, and not settling for just one honor that week, she was also the Women’s Cross Country Runner of the Week for three collegiate organizations: the Liberty League, New York State Collegiate Track Conference and Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference. Rightfully acclaimed, Jones came in first at Oswego and second at the U of R Yellowjackets Invitational, beating 281 other runners.

In addition, Stephanie Milici, another Rochester native, was sixth overall at the Yellowjackets Invitational; RIT’s second highest ranking. Not getting complacent with these victories, Head Coach Dave Stevens is going to keep pushing until they have a female All-American team at the NCAA Championships.

In short, if a Tiger is chasing you this season, don’t try to run. She will catch you.