On Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018 the New England Patriots met the Philadelphia Eagles at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minn.. The Eagles were this year’s NFC champion, defeating the Minnesota Vikings, while the Patriots had beat out the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC. The Super Bowl was close the whole way through, making for an exciting game, but in the end the Eagles came out victorious.

For Patriots fans, the result of the game was of course disheartening. The fact that it was close the whole way through did add some excitement and kept fans on either side hopeful throughout.

“I was a little disappointed, but I am glad that we lost a good game instead of winning a bad game,” said Elana Aronson, a third year Computational Mathematics major.

The Patriots are no strangers to the Super Bowl, having defeated the Eagles once before. They have played nine Super Bowls and have won five of those times.

Alternatively, the Eagles fans were clearly overjoyed at their victory. While the Eagles have three NFL Championships (the precursor to the Super Bowl) to their name, this was the first time the team won a Super Bowl. They have appeared at the Super Bowl twice previously: Super Bowl XV in 1980 against the Oakland Raiders, and Super Bowl XXXIX in 2004 against the Patriots.

Zachary Price, a third year Civil Engineering Technology major, was rooting for the Eagles on Sunday night. “I felt like it was a pretty close game, but it was pretty exciting at the end when Brady was sacked and they basically lost all chance of a comeback,” he said. “Also, the Patriots kicker was garbage for the most of the game.”

As for the halftime show, Justin Timberlake’s performance was a bit underwhelming. From his mic cutting out to his sub-par stage sets, many people found themselves yearning for more pizzazz. The highlight of the show was Timberlake’s tribute to the late singer Prince, who hails from Minnesota. Timberlake painted the field purple and sang a “duet” with Prince, "I Would Die 4 U."

Well there you have it, another Super Bowl in the books. The Eagles made history and the Patriots were humbled by defeat.