After Sunday's first match against St. Lawrence, it was hard to believe that RIT baseball could play a better game. If the following night's game proved anything, it's that not only whether they can, but that they can with flying colors.

While RIT's baseball program has had a rocky reputation in the past, the way this season has started has injected a great deal of hope into players and fans alike. Players have been coming out of the woodwork to play fantastic games, and the games that have been played so far have almost unilaterally been steered in RIT’s favor. The Tigers managed to absolutely crush St. Lawrence in a double-header, taking them down 6-1 on the first night and taking the lead 16-13 in game two. While game two was certainly a little bit closer, it was clear that the Tigers held the offensive advantage throughout the bulk of the game. While the whole team played superbly, there were a host of standout performances from RIT baseball veterans and newcomers alike. The team played exceptionally and aggressively, keeping St. Lawrence on their toes throughout and proving to any naysayers that RIT baseball is a program to watch in this liberty league season.

RIT started off the second game strongly, pulling off four runs in the first inning alone. Third year outfielder and Industrial Engineering major Brett Kajganich pulled off a walk in a play that was particularly exciting to watch. Toward the end of the game, things were tied up 11-11, but RIT managed to hold St. Lawrence back while still achieving a handful of runs to clinch the win 16-13. The crowd ate it all up, welcoming the Tigers to the beginning of a great season.

In a recent interview with RIT SportsZone, RIT baseball's head coach put a challenge out for potential recruits: “You want to live the dream? Come down here and we’ll give you a chance to learn from the guys who know how to get there.” At the top of the season, it was a claim that seemed a little bit lofty. Yes, RIT baseball has had some excellent seasons in years past, but do we really still have the players and assistant coaches available to help players get to where they need to be? If these past couple of games at the University of Rochester have been any indication, it’s that not only does RIT baseball have a terrific team this year, but it’s poised to take home some serious titles when all is said and done.

Here’s to hoping that the Tigers don’t take these exceptional wins against St. Lawrence as an excuse to sit back and relax, but instead as a drive to push them forward in coming games. These wins are a chance to figure out what went right and to expand on that for the duration of the season.