This baseball season, which hosts a stacked lineup of excellent players, is already becoming something to keep an eye on after just two games.

The Tigers faced off against St. Lawrence on Sunday, March 29 at the University of Rochester campus to kick off Liberty League play and proceeded to wipe the floor with them 6-1. While the Tigers were a formidable team throughout the duration of the game, their absolutely monumental fourth inning blast was something to watch. They scored a whopping four runs within the inning, stunning St. Lawrence and sending fans into a frenzy. Fourth year outfielder and Civil Engineering Technology major Chris Barr pulled off a run for RIT first, starting their whirlwind series. Third year outfielder and Civil Engineering Technology major Brett Kajganich brought Barr to third base, and fourth year first baseman and Psychology major Skip Flanagan took Barr home with a double, advancing Kajganich to third base. Fourth year outfielder and Business Management major CJ Bolorin and third year shortstop and Industrial Engineering major Taylor Hogan each scored, ending the exciting inning.

"It's a great way to start conference play," RIT head coach Rob Grow told SportsZone. "We played well both offensively and defensively. Our pitching looked great, and now we just need to perform at this level every game. Every conference game is important, and picking up this win early is big."

While RIT’s hitters were obviously the highlight of the game, the Tigers’ pitchers also played a tremendous game, chalking up 10 strikeouts.

Grow, despite the understandable enthusiasm surrounding Sunday's win, is still right in his thinking. While the Tigers certainly took home a big win on Sunday, it’s important for them to not rest on their laurels and let the wins roll in. Slacking off this early in the season could be incredibly detrimental to the team’s morale, and the win should be looked at as a stepping stone for wins to come. All that being said, it’s great to have another good RIT sport to look forward to and to carry students through to the end of the year. We all miss hockey, of course, but if games like this are what we have to look forward to from the Tigers, RIT baseball seems like a fitting replacement. If this past hockey season was any indication, it looks like RIT baseball is going to have a hell of a season.