Reporter: Since Ralph Wilson [owner of the Buffalo Bills] is so old in age, are you worried about what will happen after he relinquishes control of the team, one way or another?
Mark Lammerhirt: I can tell you that almost every fan in Buffalo pretty much hates Ralphie Boy right now. We are very worried as fans. He really doesn’t care about the people of Buffalo, who have been making him tons of money for years and years. Our fear is with a blink of an eye this asshole might just sell the team in the middle of the night. Time will only tell.

R: As a season ticket holder, what was your first thought when you heard about some of the games being played in Toronto?
ML: My first thought [was] that this was going to be a great idea. My buddies and I would be able to travel across the border for a long weekend in Toronto and have fun with the guys. I usually travel to one Bills away game a year; this would be a good one to attend. It would be close to home, we could drive instead of fly, and still have a great time without spending a lot of money.

R: With the southern Ontario region looking ripe for a new sports team, are you worried at all about the Bills moving out of Buffalo?
ML: The NFL is a money-making operation. With two games being played in Toronto already, and both pretty much falling right on their face for fan attendance, I am not that worried. Canadians love hockey. I would be more worried if an owner wanted to move the Sabres up there rather than the Bills.

R: So, to close, overall you’re confident that the Bills will be staying in Buffalo?
ML: I’d bet my mortgage on it.