Refugees Helping Refugees

“RHR seeks to foster the growth, self-determination, and self-reliance of Rochester’s refugee community by making them agents of their own advancement. It seeks to become a comprehensive community center providing a full range of services to its own community while also welcoming people from all cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds.”

Autism/Aspergers Network

“The Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) helps people with Asperger's or similar autism spectrum and neurodiverse profiles build meaningful, connected lives.  We provide individuals, families, and professionals with information, education, community, support, and advocacy — all in an inclusive atmosphere of validation and respect.”

Global Health and Development Fund

“The Global Health and Development Fund aims to improve the health or economic empowerment of people around the world as effectively as possible.”


“StrongMinds is a social enterprise founded in 2013 that provides life-changing mental health services to impoverished African women.  By providing group talk therapy delivered by community health workers, StrongMinds is the only organization scaling a cost-effective solution to the depression epidemic in Africa.”

Animal Welfare Institute

Since 1951, the Animal Welfare Institute has been dedicated to reducing animal suffering caused by people. We seek better treatment of animals everywhere — in the laboratory, on the farm, in commerce, at home, and in the wild.