I just finished looking through your newest edition, the Body Issue.  Overall I thought that it was a well written and interesting edition.  However, I think that your choice of cover art totally sends the wrong message about the stories inside and the message that you were trying to convey.  No one looks at the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit addition and thinks, “Wow I feel so much better about my body.”  In fact it has the opposite effect. 

The cover photo that you chose is just another unrealistic expectation of what the ideal body type should be for a man.  Why not put people on the cover who don’t have the perfect bodies but love themselves for who they are whether they are hairy, or lumpy, or their hips are too big or they’re too skinny?  That would have made for a motivational cover as opposed to the same old garbage that forces everyone to feel bad about not being perfect.  Love yourselves, Reporter readers, no matter what you look like or what others think.