With RIT allowing some of its employees to have access to guns, the response time to an active shooter on campus will be reduced. Currently, calling 911 regarding an active shooter will result in the police showing up at the site of a shooting in about 10 to 15 minutes. With RIT's new policy the response time to the site of a shooting will be reduced to about five to ten minutes.

The problem is that a majority of the deaths and injuries from a mass shooting occur in the first five minutes -- just look at San Bernardino, Aurora, Newtown, Fort Hood, etc.

As a retired public servant and an RIT alum who has a concealed carry permit and has undergone training, I want to know the justification for me, and others similarly qualified, not being permitted to carry a gun on campus. God forbid that we have a campus shooting, myself and other qualified individuals could be in a position to stop an active shooter in seconds and save many lives and injuries. 

A growing number of County Sheriffs in New York State are now calling for all concealed carry permit holders to start carrying their guns. When is RIT going to wake up to all that we can do to safely guard the campus?