Simon Sinek gives a great TED Talk about something he has named the "golden circle." The idea, he argues, is that everyone thinks about something from the outside in. We explain the what, the how and then very rarely we explain the why of whatever it is that we are talking about.

He applies this to great leaders and companies in business, citing Apple as a clear example. He argues that the reason Apple is so successful is because when they market a new product, they start out by telling everyone why it is they do what they do, and then they explain that they have great computers, mp3 players and other devices that back up what they believe. The moral of his lecture is that people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. 

At a Reporter general meeting recently, I asked everyone on staff why they were here. I wanted them to tell me what they believed in and how that got them to apply for jobs. What they had to say was heartwarming, and I wanted to share with all of campus why it is that we are here: !

  • To present information in the best way possible 
  • To stand for something bigger than RIT and its administration 
  • To move someone with art and writing 
  • To reach people and make a difference
  • To inspire our readers and be inspired by others on staff
  • To create and leave a legacy for the students that follow us

The above reasons, and many more that didn't get mentioned due to space, are why we are Reporter. Reporter is here to present you information, to inspire you, to move you to some sort of feeling with our abilities and to leave a legacy here at RIT. These things are what we believe in and we hope you believe in them too. !