The threat of irreversible climate change is terrifying. The politicizing and monetizing of the climate crisis has deadlocked us in a weird battle that shouldn’t even be questioned.

Hundreds of gigatons of glaciers are melting a year, biodiversity is being lost at an alarming rate, soil degradation, rising sea levels, pollution and loss of habitat are plaguing our home. I cannot stress enough, the impact we have on the planet and how every choice we and our governments make reflect in the health of it.

Each day we push off our commitment to protecting the climate and it seems as though our governments do as well. When the only outcome of the UN COP26 Climate Summit is for “calls on governments to return next year with tougher pledges,” instead of actionable outcomes for the coming year, you have to start rethinking strategy. We only have a decade left before the boundary is crossed, and we are no longer able to reverse the damage done to the earth. Time is of the essence.

There is this thought process that the individual cannot do anything to affect the overall crisis. While it is true that governments and big businesses have the largest holds on this issue, each individual has their own hold as well. 

How can we expect governments and businesses, who are focused solely on the monetary values of climate change – to do anything, if we don’t urge them to do so? 

Fixing the crisis starts with you. It starts with the people pushing change and urging others to take action as well. This can be as simple as changing your eating habits, noting where the things you buy come from or volunteering for habitat or ocean clean up. It could even just be spreading the word, working with others to lobby big businesses, make the issue known to those who chose to ignore it.

Doing anything is doing something.