Reporter strives to deliver unbiased, comprehensive coverage of student issues. It isn't the easiest job, but the work that we do is very important. Journalists are essential to society. Ordinary citizens typically don't have the time or motivation to investigate issues pertinent to their community. Journalists are able to take the time to discover fraud, corruption and otherwise unethical issues that plague us. All that being said, we are human. We are subject to bias and error. 

Everything that gets printed in this magazine is read and edited by multiple people. This process allows us to limit personal bias and catch errors before the issue is released to the general public. Any reputable source of news follows a similar process. Fake news often spawns in places more concerned with clicks than accuracy. 

At my recent trip to the Democrat & Chronicle for one of this month's features, they told me that readers have to communicate with their journalists in order to combat fake news and catch bias. That's what I want you, reader, to do for us. Communicate with us. Tell us what we do right, what we do wrong. Let us know if we get something wrong. Let us know if we aren't covering an issue comprehensively. Call us out on our biases. Hold us accountable. 

This is your school, your community. With a new president for the school and for the country, now is the time to have your voice heard and to get the facts straight. We exist to provide information to youif we aren't doing that properly, we need to know. 

There are many ways to reach out to us. If you want to write a letter to the editor for publication online, the information is below. If you want to point out any factual errors or biases, please email me at Additionally, all contact information for staff is on our website.

I look forward to working with you.