Recently, we have all become aware of how necessary it is for us as a community to raise our voice and speak up for what we believe in and deserve.. I’m sure you can immediately think of a few recent instances — from class cancellations to healthcare.

It is our mission at Reporter to aid in that necessity as the student voice on campus. But you — the students, faculty and staff of RIT — must speak up to us as well.

Hold us accountable if we aren’t talking about something we should be, or if we aren’t doing something right. Utilize us as the student press. We are here to support all of you — that’s our job.

We are living in a time when people trust the media less and less. That’s why it is incredibly important to have a dialogue with the media. It is important, so that you can trust that media, and make sure it is held responsible to the people it serves.

I encourage all of you to talk with us — email us, reach out over social media, stop by our office in the Campus Center or email and submit a letter to the editor. Act in whichever way you deem is best to build and strengthen that dialogue.

Don’t just see us as that organization that makes magazines. We are here to support the voice of the students and the greater RIT community — your voice.

Come say hi.