Dear Cliches,

I often rely on you to help me get my point across and craft my thoughts in relatable ways. Sometimes, I use you too much. However, while many people think you are overused, I still believe you hold valuable life lessons.

For example, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

You remind me to take the challenges life hands me, learn from them and transform them into something sweet.

Being editor in chief has not been an easy ride. I started off incredibly excited to be in this role, but quickly learned just how complex it can be. Problems popped up that I didn’t feel equipped to handle and I found that managing an organization is not my forte.

However, as I wrap up my time in this role, I walk away having learned indispensable skills. I learned how to manage a budget, how to tackle tough situations and — more than anything — I learned what I want in a future job. My passions lie in writing and communication. I want to manage and help others directly in those areas, not necessarily manage the people who manage those people.

Cliches, you often guide me in the right direction and have framed my positive outlook on life. You’ve reminded me to keep fighting when I didn’t think I had any fight left. You’ve inspired me to be more open-minded and willing to adapt.

But sometimes, I have to go with my gut and make my own judgments about a situation. Such as when I wasn’t happy in a former major. I didn’t make lemonade — I tossed those lemons out and switched into something I am passionate about.

Cliches, you can hurt us, but you can also help us. I’d encourage others to find one of your many sayings that they identify with and use it as a life guide, but not let it completely guide their lives. In other words, we should all take you with a grain of salt.


An optimist