COVID-19 has practically shut down our lives. We can’t go to classes, we can’t get haircuts, we can’t go to the gym. We can barely go to the grocery store.

Some people are harshly affected while others remain relatively unscathed. Jobs have been lost; the economy isn't doing well. These are unprecedented times that no one really knows how to handle.

I would love to write this note about something far removed from the virus. We could all use a breath of fresh air in this suffocating 24/7 news cycle and conversation starter. Yet, in times like these, words often fail. Words used to comfort one person might seem insensitive to another. It feels impossible to write something that can offer people relief or help everyone, as we are all impacted differently.

How am I supposed to articulate something that brings a sense of normalcy when everything else in our life is anything but?

I guess I’ll give it a shot.

In these trying times, we can choose to respond in one of two ways.

We can respond with pessimism and negativity. We can choose to let everything dreadful consume us. We can give up all hope that life will someday return to normal.

Or, we can choose to let ourselves feel our emotions, but not let them consume us. It might take some time, but we can choose to find a reason to smile during the most difficult days. Our future mindsets and situations will be a result of the attitudes we have during these hardships.

If you’re struggling with how to take care of yourself while at home all the time, try implementing one new self-care habit. Try spending five minutes meditating, 30 minutes working out or an hour cooking a healthy meal.

While you may not be in charge of whether or not you can leave your house, you are in charge of how you take care of yourself while you’re home.