College is hard, incredibly hard.

We spend so much time under the most immense stress many of us have ever felt in our lives. Some of us are working two or more jobs just to ensure that we can eat at the end of the day, and continue to pay to be here. We are constantly challenged, almost dangerously so, by our academics on a daily basis — to the point where we question our abilities and find it difficult for executive functioning. We are bombarded with societal pressures, family pressures, academic and social pressures that make just living, almost impossible.

So to aid in this stress and disadvantaged style of life, we seek help. We seek friends and counseling, someone to talk to and share these experiences with to make them a little more bearable. Sometimes, we are unable to receive that help. Sometimes we do, and it makes things a little bit better, but it doesn’t take it all away — things are still undeniably difficult.

Over the last five years I have broken into pieces and patched myself together so many times, I am not so sure I have all that I started with. We are all overworked and still, trying so hard to be everything we set out to be — it is exhausting. 

That’s the thing though, it is exhausting because we are doing it.

Reporter’s doors are always open, and if you need someone to speak to or be with over the break, please feel free to reach out to us.