St. Patrick's Day is nearly here, which means the luck of the Irish is upon us. Or is it? 

I'll tell it to you straight - I don't really believe in luck. At least, I've never felt very lucky myself. Not that I'm not grateful; I have a wonderful life and amazing friends and family who surround me and support me. I go to one of the best schools in the country and I have a significant number of achievements from my time here thanks to the people who work here and support me. I just don't think that necessarily makes me lucky. I've never won anything off the radio or in a raffle, which by my definition is the epitome of luck

I'm a pretty firm believer that people make their own luck. As self-righteous as it sounds, that's what I did. I have amazing friends and family who surround me because I do not discriminate on cutting toxic people out of my life. I go to one of the best schools in the country (at least, in my opinion) because I worked hard during high school and continue to work several jobs to be able to afford such an education. I have worked hard for the opportunities I have received, and I am not bashful about that. Nearly every person I know is in the same boat. 

The point is, you shouldn't be bashful about it either. Work hard - seriously, insanely hard - to do what you need to do. Put your all into it. Do it until your body aches and you're tired, no matter what it is that you need to do. Whether it's going to the gym, getting out of poverty, improving your mental health, improving your grades or winning a something off the radio (someday I'll go to a concert for free), give it your all. Consider this your Monday Motivation to do what you have been putting off or ignoring. You become a lot luckier in life when you make the luck yourself.