Tiger Center

Luke Auburn and two students presented progress on a project Student Government (SG) helped bring to fruition. Known as Tiger Center, it is an alternative system that students can use to do all of the things SIS can do but in a much more user-friendly format. The team that created this site is composed of hired co-op students that have been working since last spring. Besides being easier to use, it introduces a host of new features and functions. You can search classes using a course number and name, while using the advanced search allows you to categorize classes by attributes, number of credits, college and more.

When selecting a class, it now shows the student the professor's email, location of the class on a map and the required textbooks via the Barnes & Noble @ RIT site.  Tiger Center is currently going through testing but can be accessed through the student apps section on sis.rit.edu. The team hopes to have it launched during November or at the beginning of next semester.

Paw Prints

Pete Mikitsh presented a project President Ashley Carrington and Vice President Tyler Pierce advocated heavily during their campaign last year spring. Paw Prints is a “wethepeople.gov”-styled website where students can create their own petitions for other students to sign using their RIT computer log-in. When a certain number of votes has been reached, the petition will be handled by an SG representative and presented to the proper campus official or leader for them to address. The site will be officially launching September 15.