Housing Updates

David Bagley, Senior Director for Residence Life, came by as a special guest speaker to talk about the changes Residence Life has made to the lounges in the residence halls on campus.

RIT has housed the overflow of students in the RIT Inn and the Radisson this year. As of the meeting, the Radisson still had 55 first year students that needed to move out that day into residence halls; Residence Life converted 22 lounges to fit the rest of these students. Dave Bagley stated that these conversion of the lounges is only temporary, as the rooms will be converted back into lounges next semester. He also stressed that there needs to be more conversation going on between Residence Life, Housing Operations, and Auxiliary Services on the overcrowding of dorm rooms and the making of new housing on campus, and that he would like to give the students on campus a voice in this issue by having a student representative at these meetings.

Committee Changes

Nick Giordano, the president of SG this year, talked about the various committees within SG and the charges they have this year to improve RIT. These committees include:

  • Student Affairs
  • Deaf Advocacy
  • Dining
  • Facilities
  • Housing
  • Parking & Transportation
  • SG Steering
  • Sustainability
  • Student Relations
  • Technology

Some of the charges these committees have include bringing Openstax to campus (a site where students can get open source textbooks), making a handbook for common mistakes to avoid when communicating with deaf or hard of hearing students, update a list of vegetarian, vegan, and dietary restrictions dining options on campus with visuals, opening the Student Life Center for 24 hours, banning overcrowded dorm rooms and the conversion of lounges to dorm rooms, bringing RIT Shuttles to more off campus apartment complexes, using the popcorn from SG to give SG info to students, setting up arboretum on campus, working to make a less strict alcohol policy at the Polisseni Center and Greek Row, and putting WiFi Hotspots at outdoor locations such as the Gleason Circle bus stop.