At the September 26 Senate meeting, a discussion on the winter and summer intersession was held, the new Finance Committee for Greeks was being reviewed and another update of the PawPrints site was presented.

Summer and Intersession Discussion

Fernando Naveda, director of calendar conversion, brought up the idea to bolster RIT's summer presence since there is little student activity during that period. He wants to ask students what they would like to see over the summer, in terms of what kinds of classes and programs they would like to participate in.. Many ideas were brought up during discussion such as early open registration for all students, variety of courses from faculty and staff and more online classes. The January intersession was briefly touched upon; 11-12 more courses will be offered.. Naveda hopes to establish a relationship with SG in order to learn student opinions and obtain greater direction for the two periods.

Greek Finance Committee

Peter Ryan, Jr., Greek senator, presented bylaws changes that would establish the Greek Finance Committee. The committee is made up of himself, the four treasurers from the four different Greek councils, Associate Director for Greek Life Eric Pope and other prominent individuals within the Greek community. The committee intends to handle requests for funds made by Greek organizations by giving them to people who understand their respective logistics and situations better than the SG Finance Committee. $15,000 will be allotted for the committee, which is the average amount Greeks have requested in the past few years; it will be used for Greek programming and campus events. The bylaws have been tabled to be up for vote for next week.

PawPrints Update

Nick Giordano, director of student relations, gave another update on the progress of the PawPrints site. The site now has 100 petitions, 50 of which have been approved to be reviewed. Due to the overwhelming response, the amount of signatures needed for a petition to be reviewed i has risen from 50 to 200. Some petitions were brought up to SG in order to look over the best ways to approach them and will be continued to be reviewed by Giordano.