United Way Presentation

Wendy Stapf, Assistant Director for Resident Life, and Carol Reed, Senior Associate Director for Building and Operational Services, came to Student Government to talk about what United Way is and how RIT has helped it the last 5 years. The mission of United Way is to meet the basic needs of those who need assistance, preparing kids for success, supporting seniors and caregivers, and giving infants the best quality of life in the city of Rochester. RIT students, faculty, staff and alumni have made a huge difference; in the last 5 years RIT has raised $2,125,000 for United Way.

Laundry Report Approval

An assessment of laundry rooms was done at RIT recently. This assessment was done to see what kind of replacement schedule the laundry rooms need at RIT in regards to washer/dryer machines. It was found that the machines are replaced on a three year schedule (Ellingson, Sol, Gibson, Gleason for the 1st year, Colony Riverknoll, Res Halls A,B, and C for the second year, and Greek Row, Perkins, Global Village, and Racquet Club the third year.) Laundry machines in University Commons are not replaced in accordance to the schedule; when they break, students can submit a maintenance to request fix it. Laundry machines in University Commons are replaced in bulk when school is not in session. It was also discovered that better signage is needed in the freshman laundry rooms for people who don’t know how to do laundry or overload washers and dryers.

Student Senator Elections

The potential senators for the College of Liberal Arts (COLA), the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), the School of Individualized Study (SOIS) and the College of Health Sciences and Technology (CHST) presented their platforms, talked and answered questions to run for their positions. Amongst the new Senators chosen were Tyler Barley for SOIS, Farid Barquet for CHST and Yasin Bayraktar for NTID.