At the October 18 Student Government (SG) meeting, SG had presentations from the Ombuds office and about the TE3.

Omubds Office

The Ombuds is an on-campus consulting service for students. Lee Twyman, who was the Ombuds representative, explained: “We resolve conflicts with roommates. We also provide many types of consulting services, and resolve any other kinds of issues… If anyone ever says they’re having a problem, feel free to refer them to our office."

When asked by Cross Registered Senator Keith Delk if the office offered any kind of legal services, Twyman explained, “No; we’re not a legal consultation service, but we do have contacts with lawyers who would be able to help off campus.” Twyman also explained that the Ombuds office is working on some new projects. “We’re working on Ombassadors, which are students and faculty who want to commit to being a representative for the office,” she said. Twyman ended her presentation by saying that anyone can stop into the office on Wednesday mornings, or make an appointment over phone or email.

TE3 Update

Next the Senate spoke with the Rochester Genessee Regional Transportation Authority, which provides the TE3 shuttle for RIT. SG is looking into how to fund the TE3 because it cannot remain a free service anymore. The spokesperson for TE3, Randy Vercauteren, brought up the idea of having a one-time pass for students to use on buses. He called this the freedom pass, which would charge students $2 to use the bus for one round trip. “We wanted to use a pass system to keep better track of the number of riders making a round trip on our transit system,” said Veracauteren. The pass concept is going to be discussed again in two weeks at the Student Government meeting.