At the August 29 Student Government (SG) meeting, Senate members introduced themselves and went over procedures and basics. The director of clubs and organizations was voted on during this meeting. Updates and projects worked on over the summer along with future projects in the works were presented.

Director of Clubs and Organizations

The position of director of clubs and organizations was not filled last semester and was voted on during today’s senate meeting. Ashley Carrington, SG president, had chosen David Gustafson for the position, which the senate had to approve. A short discussion was held and he was voted in unanimously.

Summer Update

Carrington presented updates on what had been worked on over the summer and what will be worked on in the future. The main themes for SG for the year involve the motto “Be Great” and the inclusion of three key elements: engagement, accountability and transparency. Carrington wants the members of SG to help engage the campus through their constituents, clubs and organizations. Carrington expects the members of the senate to take accountability more seriously as tasks are being taken and requested throughout the year. She also wants students to recognize and utilize SG to its fullest extent.

Some projects that were being worked on over the summer included the Greek Finance Committee (a separate system for Greek organizations to request money for their events), a revamp of the bike share website and the selection of Dr. Sanjay Gupta as this year’s Horton Speaker. Future projects include the creation of a shuttle service for campus, bringing ZipCar to campus and adopting a Deaf Awareness Month.