At the November 1 Student Government (SG) meeting, the Center for Campus life provided a status update, bylaw changes were presented, the graduate senator selection was approved and a funding proposal brought by the Electric Vehicle Team was approved.

Center for Campus Life Update

The first person to present at the meeting was Karey Pine, director of the Center for Campus Life (CCL). She provided an update on CCL’s ongoing programs as well as new initiatives that are in the pipeline. The projects she mentioned included a new grant for club advisors to travel to events and a grant to provide access services for events not held by RIT.

Bylaw Change Proposal

Following Pine’s presentation on the CCL, SG’s director of finance Ashley Carrington presented changes to the bylaws that her committee proposed. The changes proposed consisted of clarifications to the language used. More significant changes included a new rule that funding will not be provided to banquets unless they are open to all RIT students. In addition, the proposed changes included a rule that in order to receive funding for food at cultural events, the food must be representative of the group’s culture. The changes will be voted on at next week’s SG meeting.

Graduate Senator Approval

After the finance presentation, SG approved the appointment of Hruchkesh Sagar as the graduate senator. Hruchkesh is a first year graduate student in CAST’s Manufacturing and Mechanical System Integration program. His goals as graduate senator include supporting Destler’s sustainability mission and creating a stronger link between graduates and student government.

Electric Vehicle Team Funding

Following the approval of Sagar as the graduate senator, RIT’s Electric Vehicle Team gave a presentation about their request for funding. The group hopes to compete against Virginia Tech and private industry at TTXGP in the spring. The group requested $10,000 and was awarded $9,774 by SG.