Cabinet Members Approved

In association with SG’s President and Vice President, there is a cabinet whose members coordinate activities around campus and work with administration to better connect them with the campus community. Next year’s cabinet will feature both new and experienced SG representatives.

The first position, Director of Finance, will be held by Brian Williams, who was described as "a finance guy through-and-through;" Director of Operations will be held by Andrew Carpenter; Director of Services will be filled by its incumbent, Nathan Castle; Ellen Raffaelle, an experienced CAB coordinator will take over as the new Director of Programming; Director of Publications will be filled by Mila Le, described as a perfect fit due to her love for social media; The new Director of Clubs and Organizations is Jess Barone, a member of multiple clubs who knows the ins and outs of their workings; and the Director of Student Relations position will be held by Austin Sierra.

The new cabinet members will take their positions starting in the fall semester.

SG Bylaws Approved

This week, revisions to SG’s bylaws were approved one-by-one. Many of the revisionswere simply to change powers granted to certain positions. Others were used to adjust some outdated wording. In total, 12 articles were recommended for approval and all were accepted by the Senate.

Committee Final Reports

After the introduction of PawPrints, many committees have been swamped with petition charges. Not every committee was able to finish the charges brought to them, as a result, the leaders of each committee created a report on where they stand with the charges brought to them.

The Tech Committee reviewed some of its past website successes, and highlighted a project in the future to bring WiFi to outdoor locations on campus.

The Academics and Co-op committee brought its reports on multiple issues on campus. They were disappointed to bring news that a universal career fair for all majors was not possible. However, they had high hopes for a website that would make teacher evaluations public.

The Student Affairs Committee announced a project to change the design of student and faculty ID’s. They also announced that a petition to have a “puppy room” on campus was not feasible given maintenance problems.