At the November 22 Student Government (SG) meeting, SG Senators gave reports on their progress so far, the Director of Student Relations introduced a new program to collaborate with the NTID Student Congress (NSC) and SG was asked to suspend a problematic section of the bylaws.

Senator Reports

First to report was Evan Oslakovich, senator for the Kate Gleason College of Engineering. Oslakovich has made efforts to strengthen the bond between all years of engineering students by starting a Facebook page for everyone to communicate with each other. He explained that he did not feel that the Facebook page was as successful as he hoped, but some interest was sparked.

Next Megan Wells, the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences senator, presented for Anshul Kapoor, the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences senator. She reported that there have been substantial efforts towards adding food in building 7 so that the students have a place to eat because they can’t bring food into their studios.

Following Wells was Andrew Smith with a report on the College of Science (COS). Smith told of his efforts make the COS a more welcoming place. He has been looking to install new artwork throughout the building, re-paint the archway quotes in the building and he wants to begin selling branded merchandise.

Smith, Kapoor and Oslakovich are all leaving SG for the second semester. They all reported that they have sent out emails to students and have received applications for their positions.

NSC-SG Exchange

Tristan Wright, SG director of student relations, and Alex Van Hook, NSC director, announced their plans to create an exchange program between the two groups. The system would place representatives of both groups in the others’ offices for two hours every week. They believe that the new program will make it easier for students to access SG and NSC resources.

Bylaws Changes

Student Government recently became aware that many of its Senators don’t meet all of the qualifications set forth by the bylaws due to the difficulty introduced by co-ops. Harshita Sood, Director of Clubs and Organizations, presented a section of the bylaws that states that senators must have attended the prior semester of classes. SG motioned to table the vote on suspending this section of the bylaws until next week.