Wallace Library

Marcia Trauernicht, director of RIT Libraries, presented changes to Wallace Library due to the construction of the Innovative Maker and Learning Complex (IMLC). These changes will take effect for the 2021-22 academic year, starting summer 2021.

Basic Library Services are moving to the Ritter Arena. Curbside pickup of books will still be available. The circulation desk will move to Ritter. Reference Services will remain virtual or over the phone as it has been during the pandemic. Computer workstations and study accessories will now be available at Ritter at regular hours. The plan is to have it all ready by the start of the fall semester.

Access to the Wallace Library will be by appointment only. No study space will be available in Wallace. A team will be assembled to find more study space on campus.

Consultations with librarians will occur by appointment only. Library classes will either be held virtually, at Ritter or in a classroom.

The Cary Collection and the RIT Archives will be on the 2nd Floor of Wallace by appointment only. The collections will be protected and stored in the appropriate environment. The Writing Commons and Expressive Communication Center  will now be in A600 of the Wallace Library at the main desk of the Innovative Learning Institute.

Java Wally's will still be open and operational for the foreseeable future. However, Java Wally's is not spared from the construction at large.

Further changes are still being worked out for summer 2022 and beyond. Contact Marcia Trauernicht for more information and as a resource for more information as it becomes available.

Bylaw Reviews

Shine Deharder, Student Government (SG) president, presented proposed changes to SG's Bylaws.

The Director of Ethical Governing position addition to the Bylaws was approved by SG.

A proposed change to the bylaws details the way that compensation should be set and distributed. The proposal brings the bylaws in accordance with the current compensation structure. The proposed change is going to be voted on in the subsequent meeting.

Deharder presented new additions to the impeachment appeals process proposed addition to the bylaws. The vote for the proposal will occur in the subsequent meeting. There was a discussion on the reasonableness of the proposed appeals process. If the concerned parties make their case to the Governance Committee, then the updates to the proposal will be presented in the subsequent meeting.

New Charges

The first charge is the Provide Extra Pay For Student Workers On Recharge Days charge. The author posits that the on-campus jobs are uncooperative with the spirit of the recharge days, and asks that RIT pay time and a half for the students that worked on recharge days. Since recharge days have passed, if RIT agrees, then the backpay would be given to those students. SG charged this petition to the Director of Student Relations.

The second charge is the Do Not Allow L&Amp;C To Get Away With Gaming SG Election The System charge. The charge is identical to the Petition To Investigate SG Pres and VP Candidates charge described in SG Update 4/2. SG is lumping together the charges. SG will add an update to connect them to avoid confusion in the future. For the sake of consistency, this charge has been given to the Director of Student Relations.

Old Charge

The final charge this week is the Media Center R.I.T. Kosovo charge. The charge was made in late November 2020. The author asks that since RIT has offered limited services during the pandemic that entitles RIT Kosovo Students a 50 percent (1,635 Euro [1960 U.S. Dollar]) reimbursement of their tuition fees in accordance with their laws. The Rochester Main Campus SG has given the charge to the Kosovo Campus SG in order to better respond to the charge.


RIT's Office of the President has overturned SG's Impeachment of a Senator. Reach out to the Office of the President with feedback at this link if desired.