Race and Ethnicity Action Plan

RIT's Office of Diversity and Inclusion had created a Race and Ethnicity Action Plan to achieve greater diversity on campus. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion has sought lots of feedback from students and members of the RIT community. Keith Jenkins, vice president and associate provost for Diversity and Inclusion, presented the changes to the plan due to feedback from the RIT community. David Munson, RIT president, was also there. The plan includes steps that RIT's culture should accommodate diversity, supporting AALANA students' academic success and promoting diversity among RIT faculty and staff. SG had no questions, feedback or comments on the plan. Click here to review the plan and provide feedback.

SG Diversity Equity and Inclusion Task Force

Caitlin Pope, senator of the School of Individualized Study, presented the proposed new SG cabinet position: Director of Ethical Governing. The position educates SG members about inclusivity through the initiatives in the Race and Ethnicity Action Plan (see above). The position will be initiating conflict resolutions within SG members by utilizing the Ombuds Office or similar organization. This position aims to be a resource to provide counsel for SG members. This position will collect, compile and be a voice for RSO's within the cabinet. SG plans to have the Office of Diversity and Inclusion train the person to make sure that they are better able to perform the duties required of the position.


Shine Deharder, SG president, presented the proposed changes to SG's Bylaws, which are voted on in the next meeting. The changes have been cleared by Governance Committee, and Deharder will go back if needed with feedback to be reviewed in the subsequent meeting.

Deharder also presented adding a Director of Ethical Governing position into the Bylaws.

Finally, Deharder presented fleshing out the impeachment appeals process in light of the recent impeachment of a senator. SG found that the section on appeals lacked proper guidance in the procedure of appeals after having gone through the process recently.

New Charge

The only charge this week is the If You Are Burnt Out, Sign Here charge. The charge asks that RIT recognize the mental health of its students and the effect of no spring break this year. The author wants RIT to take greater care of the impact of their decisions on students in the future. SG charged this petition to the Director of Student Relations.