During this week’s Student Government (SG) meeting, the Government and Community Relations office made its services known to the senators, TRiO Support Services gave a synopsis of its work and a timeline was established for the redesign of the RIT student and faculty IDs.

Government and Community Relations Office Ppresentation

Deborah Stendardi and Meredith Smith, vice president and senior vice president respectively of the Government and Community Relations officee respectively, made a presentation detailing their services to the university.

The office acts as a liaison between the university and the government at all levels. Stendardi and Smith reinforced the idea that it iwas one of the university’s missions to strengthen community development in both economic and social contexts.

Stendardi also explained that the office is undergoing a process to consider bringing election booths to campus, an issue that was brought to SG’s attention through a petition made during the fall semester. SheStendardi said she wants to “provide opportunities for students to participate in the voting process” but notes that many roadblocks stand in the way, particularly the problem of student registrationThe law requires voters to register to vote in a particular district, and as many students at RIT are from out of state, this would represent a tough challenge to overcome.

TRiO Support Services Ppresentation

TRiO Support Services, a federally- funded support program for first-generation college students, gave a short presentation on the services they provide and encouraged sSenators to make their constituencies aware of their services.

Director of the program, Bernadette Lynch led the presentation. “TRiO students are twice as likely to remain college students [compared to] students with similar backgrounds who do not participate in similar programs.”

One of the service's main objectives is to “foster academic success by encouraging potential and providing comprehensive services and advocacy.”

The office currently provides academic tutoring and advises students on the best course selection.

Process for Nnew IDs Ppresented

Senators on the committee thatwho helped draft a timeline for the new ID design process gave a short presentation on the process.

The new IDs will be designed by students and will feature the first new design since 2007. The idea to introduce multiple design options was also proposed.