Andrea Shaver and Amar Bhatt, Student Government (SG) president and vice president respectively, introduced a resolution “to ensure that RIT and RIT Student Government actively support those affected by U.S. President Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration.”

Bhatt discussed what this resolution was meant to address, describing the effects of the immigration ban set forward by Donald Trump’s executive order. Many people have been adversely affected by this order, including 45 RIT students and nine faculty members. Currently, one faculty member is unable to return to the U.S.  

The resolution includes the charges that SG does not support the Executive Order. SG will advocate for RIT to act within its legal and political authority to push back against the policy, and support all affected members of the RIT community. An amendment was added to include the charge that SG will work with the International Student Services to make sure all affected members are educated on their rights.  

In an attempt to clarify the purpose of this resolution, Bhatt stated that this is not intended to make a political stance against an administration, but is instead intended to support the students that are affected by this executive order and stand in solidarity with those who have already taken a stance. Another amendment was included to that effect, stating “this resolution is not politically motivated and is instead an affirmation of the values of RIT and our support for members of the RIT community affected by this policy and does not represent the political position of the Student Government, RIT or the student body as a whole."

This resolution, SG 65.03, passed with 23 votes in favor and 1 vote opposed. The entire resolution can be read here.

PawPrints petitions were also discussed, including the concern that some students are generally misinformed on the fact that students have the right to reschedule final exams in the case of conflicts. Committees have also been working on clarifying drink company sponsorship during events.

In addition, a new policy requires professors to hand back most of students’ work with feedback within two weeks in accordance with RIT’s vision that students are provided with the necessary resources to grow and improve throughout the semester.

If you have anything you would like to say about the resolution or other matters discussed at the meeting, please consider sending a letter to the editor via or discussing with us on social media (@reportermag).