During this week’s Student Government (SG) meeting, a brainstorming session for a new portal provided by ITS was led by Diane Boots, amendments to and a review of the elections calendar was held and PawPrints charges were brought to attention.

Boots, senior project manager at ITS, wants to create an all-in-one portal for RIT students; this week, she approached SG to have a brainstorming session on the matter. The portal will serve as a web interface to access all of RIT's services. “What are some of the services you would like to have the ability to access every day?” Boots asked the group.

Some of the suggestions included having the ability to report WiFi issues, add funds to student accounts, announce weather issues and allow students to view RIT’s handbook through the portal.

After Boots’ presentation, SG Vice President Tyler Pierce brought the upcoming SG election to the senate’s attention, including a proposal to cut down the number of information sessions given by SG. Pierce then broke down the calendar by date to show when deadlines were.

After the calendar was revisited, Nick Giordano, director of Student Relations, brought PawPrints petition charges to the floor and addressed the petitions that have gained over 200 signatures.

The petitions selected proposed a move to cancel classes in subzero temperatures, which was added to a previous petition of the same nature. Another petition called for a fair balance to be added to the plus/minus grading system, which has been a hot topicsince RIT revised its grading system starting this academic year. The last petition was a suggestion to create gender neutral bathrooms; the petition was added to the charge asking for gender neutral dorms.