Kin Sejpal, associate vice president of Marketing and Branding in the Office of Marketing and Communications, gave Student Government (SG) an update on RIT’s brand and marketing techniques. Her department analyzed the keywords associated with RIT, as well as the public perception of these words. Positive keywords included “co-op,” “innovative,” “technical” and “problem solvers.” Meanwhile, negatively perceived keywords included “cost,” “weather,” “isolated” and “nerdy.” While Sejpal admitted that RIT loves to embrace its nerdiness, she admits that it may be best to reduce the usage of this word and those like it in marketing and public relations. She ensured those in attendance, though, that RIT would continue to embrace and foster its current nerdy culture. RIT is also looking at the possibility of altering its logo to reflect its creativity-fostering brand.

David Reetz, director of Counseling and Psychological Services at RIT, highlighted a staff and services expansion within the counseling office. There has been a 16 percent increase in staff in the office in the last couple years, resulting in a 33 percent increase in student access. Currently, the staff-to-student ratio is 1:1450, just under the recommended 1:1500 ratio. This has allowed the office to open new services to students and improve existing services. Among these are weekly group therapy sessions for stress management and weekly “mindfulness meditation” sessions. Reetz also recognized that setting up an appointment may result in a weeks-long wait and encouraged students to make use of walk-in appointments in the interim if needed. The office is open throughout the summer and, when closed, Reetz recommended use of a Mental Health Hotline available on the Counseling and Psychological Services website.

Golisano College Senator Erica Parker, a fifth year Computer Networking and Systems Administration major, has finalized plans to upgrade the furniture in GCCIS. The first floor atrium of GCCIS can expect to host restaurant-style tables for Ctrl-Alt-Deli, with high-top tables on the opposite end. The second floor will see new couches, ottomans and tables. Because the third floor typically sees more group work and communication, it will showcase a more cooperative atmosphere while still housing tables, chairs, couches and ottomans. All furniture will be made of non-cloth materials so as to be easily cleanable as well as feature more power outlets.

Student Affairs Committee has now been charged to research the ways student wages are set on campus. Many students have noticed that while technical and otherwise skilled positions have higher wages than lower-level jobs, many skilled wages have not increased along with minimum wage. There are no actions currently associated with this charge, and SG wants to find out more about the subject before moving ahead.

Senate closed with the announcement that SG election season is just around the corner. Students are encouraged to consider running for various SG positions and everyone is also encouraged to vote.