United Way Campaign

Nicole Prahler, associate director of Government and Community Relations, gave a presentation about the United Way of Greater Rochester.

The United Way is an umbrella corporation that is behind a broad swath of the social welfare programs in the Greater Rochester area. The corporation has about six hundred smaller organizations under its umbrella. Prahler is a campaign coordinator for the United Way Campaign at RIT and the campaign's goal is to raise $366,000 in 2020. Prahler believes that students are an integral part of fundraising money for the corporation. She said that students fundraised over $120,000 for the United Way out of the two million dollars that RIT has donated.

Prahler encourages student groups to consider fundraising money for the United Way. She said that this is an excellent way to make a difference with a small amount of money. Prahler highlighted that the United Way waives 100 percent of the processing fee for the money that RIT raises.

Prahler implored student groups considering raising funds for the United Way to get in contact with her so that she can help them navigate the process.

Prahler discussed that the corporation is always looking for volunteers. Prahler wants people to consider the United Way as an avenue for volunteer opportunities.


SG preemptively gave Dave Bagley, SG Adviser and assistant vice president for the Center for Campus Life, a birthday present. SG got him an RIT Hockey Jersey emblazoned with his last name above the number 50 on the back.

Charge Revisited

Christina Nguyen, head of the Academics and Co-ops Committee, presented the Provide Adobe Creative Cloud Licenses For Students charge to SG for the second time; this charge was tabled in the last meeting. Nguyen resolved the concerns of SG by making the distinction that the original charge was to give Adobe Creative Cloud to all students. Since RIT could not reach a deal with Adobe, RIT cannot give Adobe Creative Cloud to all students at this time. However, there are select departments that have chosen to purchased Adobe Creative Cloud for its students. SG resolved the charge.

New Charges

Josephine Bensa, director of Student Relations, recommended that SG give the Maintenance Should Stop Washing Away Artistic Expression On Buildings charge to Facilities, Parking and Transportation Committee. The charge raises questions about university policy on art on campus: why some art is acceptable, and why some art is washed away. SG passed the motion to go to the Facilities, Parking and Transportation Committee.

Charles Barber, Housing and Dining Committee head, presented a response to the Convert Gracie's Swipes To Meal Exchanges Until Violations Are Fixed charge. The charge dealt with concerns that Gracie's food was not safe to eat due to recent inspections. He met with Kory Samuels, executive director of Dining, to craft the response. Samuels and Barber want to translate the inspection results into a more understandable form. The inspection report, cited in the charge, only includes the broad category of the violations listed, without context. SG's response includes the specific account of why Gracie's received each critical violation. SG passed the response.