On the April 18 Student Government (SG) meeting, a brainstorming session on a policy database was discussed, voting and approval of new appendices and bylaws were done, a representative from the academic affairs committee came to get feedback from the new course evaluation system and 2014-2015 SG election results were announced.

Student Policy Library

Kathleen Martin, director of university policy, discussed creating a policy “library” for students to easily navigate student relevant policies. She said the current format is disorganized, difficult to navigate and slightly outdated. A concept document was presented to SG showing the potential use of keywords and directories in the new site. The library creation is coinciding with the large overhaul of policies started well over five years ago. SG is encouraged to help with the creation of the library by giving feedback and ideas.

Bylaw Additions and Revisions

The tabled changes to Article ll Section 3, involving the duties of cabinet members, were approved. Appendix G, which listed SG Services and guidelines, was also approved. Ashley Carrington, director of finance, presented changes to Appendix A: Finance Committee. There were a variety changes proposed which included but are not limited to: the removal of paper money requests, requests must be sent at least 24 hours in advance in order to be approved that week and removal of determining salaries of MSOs. The appendix was tabled to be voted on next week.

Course Evaluation Feedback

Minesoek Kwon, professor and representative from the academic affairs committee, asked for feedback and comments for the course evaluations system that was implemented last semester. Various SG members gave positive feedback with some criticisms on timing of the evaluations and ability of professors to ask questions.

2014-2015 Election results

Student Government President/Vice President

Ashley Carrington/Tyler Pierce

CAST Senator 

Kelsey Kiefer

CIAS Senator

Andrea Shaver

CHST Senator

Kimberly Duru

COLA Senator

Zoe Gordon

COS Senator

Sarah Wang

GCCIS Senator

Kathleen Tigue

Graduate Senator

Kshitij Luthria

Greek Senator

Peter Ryan Jr.

KGCOE Senator

Flo de Sande

NTID Senator

Franly Ulerio-Nunez

Women’s Senator

Nicole Howley

RHA President/Vice President

Tal Cohen Nick Depinet

NSC President/ Vice President

Alex Van Hook/Ana Trujillo

NSA President/ Vice President

Andre Webster/Abigail Peterson