In the April 4 Student Government (SG) meeting, representatives from the Wallace Library came to talk about recent renovations and the last mid-year report was given by the director of programming for SG.

Renovations of the Wallace Center

Jason Stryker, senior manager of circulation and facilities, and Margaret Bartlett, senior manager instruction and education services explained their recent summer renovations of the first floor of the Wallace center. Many of the renovation ideas came from industrial and interior design students.

The first floor furniture was rearranged with the implementation of collaboration stations for students. The library also increased the access of electrical outlets at tables. The Writing Commons and the RIT ASL and Deaf Studies Community Center were both moved into the first floor as part of a collaboration with the library.

 Once funding has been acquired, renovations will be planned for other floors, one at a time. Any additional suggestions can be brought to the circulation desk or emailed to either Stryker or Barlett.

Mid-Year Report- Director of Programming

Lauren Brockbank, SG director of programming, discussed some of the events she has organized and has been involved in for the past year. During the fall semester Brockbank was involved with large events like the Horton speaker and the alumni ball. So far this semester she has worked with SG for events such as “The Bowl that is Super” and the smoking public forum. Future events include the bike share launch on April 7and the ongoing student government elections and debates.