Performing Arts Challenge

The first order of business for Student Government (SG) back on Nov. 15, 2019 was hearing a presentation concerning student participation in President Munson’s Performing Arts Challenge. The event invites RIT students to showcase their talents in a friendly multi-disciplinary contest in front of a panel of judges as part of RIT’s annual FreezeFest in January.

Representatives asked SG members to help increase participation by encouraging their respective constituents to perform. While event organizers were ecstatic about the student talent already signed up to perform, the challenge is heavily saturated with musical acts. Organizers are looking for a more diverse showcase of student talent such as comedic acts, dance and theater.

To help foster this increase, the deadline for the Performing Arts challenge was extended to Dec. 9, 2019. Finalists will perform on Friday, Jan. 31, 2020 in front of an audience at Ingle Auditorium. Organizers encouraged students to visit their website for detailed information.


During reports, the staff advisors reminded SG members of the parking problems at RIT. Advisors referred to a presentation given by Kate Mason, the Director of RIT Parking, Transportation and Facilities, where she asked for SG's help in promoting the usage of mass transit systems and distant parking lots. The use of these already existing facilities plays an important role in addressing parking issues at RIT.

Separately, SG reported that the time limits on RIT Park Mobile have been removed, allowing students and staff increased time availability. The RIT Park Mobile app allows users to pay extra money for easily accessible parking spaces around campus.

In other reports, the SG committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs announced that some of its members successfully completed training on how to administer the emergency anti-narcotic drug, Narcan.

Additionally, the RIT Academic Senate called for the creation of an anti-sexual harassment task force to help investigate related offenses that occur within the university.

Charge Updates

In addressing a PawPrints petition about the selling out of tickets for the 2020 RIT Gala, SG announced that they are working to find a solution for future events.

The concern was raised after some students could not obtain tickets to the 2020 RIT Gala due to all tickets being sold out in less than 24 hours. This was surprising to many event organizers, as the facilities were moved to the Rochester Riverside Convention Center to ensure those who wanted to participate could get the chance to attend.

SG noted that in response to the unexpected selling out of tickets for the 2020 Gala, the College Activities Board (CAB) was able to increase participation capacity by 10 percent, helping some students who found themselves on the waitlist.

For the future, SG is working with CAB and the Center for Campus Life to make sure that there is an excess of ticket availability for the 2021 Gala. Although, specific details of how this availability will be ensured were not available at the time.

Other News and Adjournment

SG members focused the rest of the meeting addressing bylaws issues. While some updates to the bylaws were passed, new ones presented themselves, resulting in another tabling until further notice.

After the bylaws discussion, some announcements were made including one about the esports team facing off against Campus Security in a gaming competition that occurred on Nov. 23, 2019. Additionally, there was a “Do You Understand the Rainbow?” event that happened on Saturday, Nov. 16th, 2019 in the Fireside Lounge.