At the March 21 Student Government (SG) meeting, the final three midyear reports were presented.

Vice President

Nick Cifranic, vice president of SG, discussed events and programs he has helped organize such as the Roast of SG, where students were able to discreetly voice their opinions about the campus. Cifranic also helped organize the career day dry cleaning program which drew in over 120 people. His next project includes visiting Dubai over spring break with Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Heath Boice-Pardee and SG President Paul Darragh in order to hold a conference for international RIT campuses and Student Governments. He is also assisting in the rollout of the bike share program which is soon to launch.

Director of Services

SG Director of Services Erin Supinka has begun live streaming events on campus. Live blogging of debates and forums is being tested to see how popular the service will be. Supinka is hoping to fix the websites of clubs that are associated with SG and is looking for ways to gain more student response. The new SG website has been gained some popularity with its new issues section and will update it accordingly to document future forums, debates and policy changes.

Director of Public Relations

Kevin Mead, Director of Public Relations, discussed the advertising efforts and campaigns by SG that have garnered positive results. He is hoping utilize social media to communicate between SG and the student body more quickly. For the rest of the semester, he will focus more on online advertising efforts.