Middle States Accreditation

Anne Wahl, the Assistant Provost for Assessment and Accreditation, spoke about the Middle States Accreditation RIT will go through in spring of 2017. Wahl spoke about the schedule for the accreditation:

  • The working groups for the accreditation have already began inquiries as of September 2015.
  • By May 2016 the working group reports are due.
  • From June 2016 to August 2016 feedback will be collected on the working group reports and the steering committee will be undergoing review.
  • From September 2016 to November 2016 campus feedback will be collected about the reports.
  • From December 2016 to January 2017 the steering committee will be going through final reviews.
  • In February 2017 the final self study for RIT will be submitted.
  • From March to April of 2017 the evaluation team will be visiting RIT.
  • In May 2017 RIT will respond to the report that the evaluation team gives to RIT.
  • In June 2017 final actions will be taken as to the Middle States accreditation of RIT.

Competitive Sports Federation Handbook Change 

 Adnan Syed, the Director of Finance for SG, talked about the changes that were made to the Competitive Sports Federation Handbook. These included: 

  • Hotel expense coverage is limited to $50 per room per night, unless room is required as part of a league event/tournament during the regular season.
  • No personal vehicle reimbursements shall be allowed unless extenuating circumstances are presented.
  • Team safety equipment is required by a league, no jerseys will be allowed to be covered by additional funding.
  • All federation members will be required to provide a list of all safety equipment required by league, safety equipment must be funded.
  • Clubs must raise funds to the total of at least 10 percent of an additional funds request.
  • A vote can only be indicated by raising the nameplate of club represented.
  • Federation members are strongly encouraged to abstain from any vote in which they feel biased or unable to make an objective decision.