Ombuds Presentation

Lee Twymann, RIT’s Ombudsperson gave a brief presentation on how Ombuds can help students.

Ombuds helps students deal with a myriad of issues. Students often go to the office to be heard out by a third party. An Ombudsperson is an impartial individual who resolves disputes, conflicts, academic dishonesty, sexual harassment and other complaints. What makes them unique is their ability to stay neutral in a matter — in other words, they do not report to RIT administration. Ultimately, their role is to help students navigate difficult issues.

“What’s unique about our office is that we’re confidential. None of what is said is shared outside of the office,” Twymann said.

If a common pattern arises, they will direct these issues to those who have the capability to create change. Student names are kept confidential, unless there is a threat to someone’s life.

“Everyone that comes has a different issue … a different perspective,” Twymann said.

Into the Roc

Bobby Moakley, the Cross-Registered Senator, gave a presentation on the Center for Leadership and Engagement. The purpose of the organization is to help students gain the skills necessary to help the greater Rochester community.

“We want to equip students with leadership skills … give them experience interacting with the community,” Moakley said.

The organization has already gotten straight to work, helping the Rochester public market, Artisan Works-Tour, and the Eastman Theatre Concert.

Moakley urged the senators to consider how their constituencies can help the community and sponsor events that the organization will carry out.

The Center has multiple events coming up including a trip to the Susan B. Anthony House and an Urban Explorer events in the underground.